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(Photo Credits: Riziki Arketa).

In this part of town i was totally intrigued by the lady seating next to me in a matatu. Not just because of the good looks, she had a rare antique which i couldn’t help but marvel. t has been almost a decade plus since those gadgets went into extinction. Yes the lady had large oval headphones which was connected to a CD walk-man. In this era of smartphones and technology and other funny funny gizmos, who would still walk around town with it??

Lets call this mysterious girl with the walk-man “ZOE”. She had don on a nice flowery dress, and her hair was natural. Her eyes would seem to stare at ones lifeless soul and bring it back to life. She noticed at my intrusive staring and she asked if something was wrong with her. I told her i was actually interested in the CD walk-man, and how on earth didn’t she have a smartphone. She stares through the window, and chuckles to herself, then she gazes into some far flung place. The matatu tout jostles us back into the reality, “pesa apo, oye pesa apoo madam”, I’m timid at beginning random rapport with strangers but i usually end up having lengthy conversations with them. Back to the matatu, “Zoe” asked if I preferred to just flow with the sea of masses trying to be someone¬† or if I would have done something different to bring a different notion into the world.

Out of my curiosity, right there I was paused with a rather difficult question. For a moment I thought, on what difference had i brought into the world. Or something out of the ordinary that could have changed the normal day to day activities. But then i wondered what would have changed the day to day activities? Zoe turned to me and smiled and said, “Hard it is to strive to be different isn’t it”? In most days of my meager jubilee life mark, I was just living for the sake of living. A normal Friday evening would have ended with I linking up with few pals while drowning our miserable selves in some cheap whiskey. I requested for Zoe to open up the window

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  1. Storm says:

    Every turn and twist with an artistic touch.
    Comment came late but i enjoyed the read

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