Windy City

The clock’s thirty minutes shy off from striking 0300 hours. Glass of whiskey on your left hand and a half lit cigarette on your other hand. Standing on the balcony overlooking the parked cars below. It is quiet apart from the occasional stray cat crossing the road. You think of her. You think of each time she lets you meet the bean. It’s too early and you’re half way drunk. Nope, half way dead is how you feel. You see things in a blurred vision. You take a sip of whiskey from your glass and proceed to take a long drag. You wonder if it’s too early to call her. You think of how she shows you things. You know how things get down whenever you visit her. How she beams up when you tell her you in her city.

It is cold. You need someone to keep warm. You wonder if she’ll truly pick the call. You fumble around with the idea. Instead you take your phone and proceed to book that early morning flight to her city. You proceed to also hire a car that’d take you from the airport to her place, then to whichever place she’d want to visit. You like her place cause it’s one of those that has underground parking. Then an elevator all the way up to her house. You shower up and pack a few stuff into your suitcase. Your flight leaves at 0700 hours. You don’t want to miss the flight nor her.

You can’t wait to touchdown and see what’s happening. You know her area code like the palm of your hand. You check for numbers that you still have on your phone. People from the past. You call a few but none as good as her. You hit one up and says that she got a man now, the other one call goes unanswered, some tell you that they married and got kids now. Most didn’t realize it was you cause you have changed your phones too many times to keep track of them.

You all ready and fresh save for the alcohol breath but mint tic-tacs will come in handy. You go back to when she left you in 2019. You call your old friend Tim and tell him that you’d be around in a couple of hours. You figure out that Tim is at the club, the background noise tells you that. Tim is that guy. The man of the party, the chic magnet, he never misses a bird or two whenever you around. He says he’ll sort you with a bird if you need one. The problem is that you treat them too nice. Swiping credit cards yet you don’t know if they’re wives or fiancée’s. But you do know that women come and go. Saturday to Sunday, Monday through Monday. The money has always been constant.

You are scared that you’re falling in love. You’re afraid of growing old with someone. But your drank ass wants to sit down on that plane seat and be next to her. You got her jewelry that’s in a nice custom made box. You are trying to have a nice time and see what that thing you are feeling will grow into.

You look at the clock it’s 0400 hours. It’s time for you to leave the house. The only thing you thinking of right now is sitting in that plane, and of her.

Destination? Windy city.

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