Who is She?

She writes from within and places it on paper. Her diary is full of journals. Greatness and darkness create brilliance at its finest. Out of the blank white screen that stares back at her, she brings to life her vivid creations and imaginations. They are protected her angels from all the four cardinal points. Her steps are magical, her smile is different, her walk rivals Athens. When she opens her beautiful mouth to speak; her talk is different, intellectual, and full of wisdom. Her smell is calming, her aura is prestigious, and her diligence is silent. Her perseverance is her grace that moves swiftly and sufficiently with the sounds of her angels’ directions. Who is this woman? Do you know her?

Her writings are aimed at a mission to alarm broken souls from within like never before. This woman sends and gives direction for freedom in mysterious ways. She hides in her palace mostly where peace is her anchor. Noise is uninvited. She got plenty of chapters of peace waiting to be told. She chants healing messages deep into the night seeking into the homes of lost souls. Who is this woman? Do you know her? Could she be the mysterious “Lady of the Lake?”

The Monsoon winds have changed. They are blowing so softly, sacred and gives a feeling of healing. This woman rising with the morning sun, listening to birds singing. Sweet orchestrated melodies, sweet rosemary and lavender scent wafting in the air. Do you know her? She sends vivid lucid waves across the sky for every third eye. Catching the wind as a sweet message of love as the end of the world worries is no more.

Who is she? This woman who releases chains of the unknown in the darkness, healing families of broken souls. Who is this woman?

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  1. Mike says:

    I want a woman like this one. Who is she? Where can I find her?

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      They do exist. All you have to do is just cast your nets far and wide and open your eyes

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