It has been two weeks since I last posted an article. Forgive me for that cause I have been in a rather precarious position which made me be out of the social scene for a while. Well, it might go on for a few days before I get my shit together.

“You guy what’s up with the sudden silence?”

“What happened?”

“Are you alright?”

“Is everything okay?”

These are the questions I have been asked recently following my disappearance from certain social scenes and groups.


Well I sort of got drugged and I lost my phone and found myself in a different place. My senses were disoriented I was going back home at around 1300 hours. Losing a phone and valuables in our country is much more painful than a girl losing her virginity. It took a while before I got my bearings and made peace that I was outsmarted.

It was a well-orchestrated move that I did not fathom. Despite losing my valuables, I never lost my hands or the abilities to write. For those who were used to getting my posts via broadcasts, you’ll have to bear with me. You can religiously check them every week. I won’t fail.

Our sequel 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit is about to draw its curtains. It’s not the end. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes. I hope the writing and articles I make touch your soul and bring an impact. And with every word I hope it builds a part of you.


I’m not in a position to kill poverty and end the cycle of corruption and sina kakitu MPESA.  I’ll try and cover every ailment and disease ailing our society. It could be mental health, rape, and negligence in our health system. We can talk about the solutions and try seeing how we can help each other. We need to look at our future. It’s sad when every day we see our fellow countrymen living beyond the basic threshold like as if tomorrow is not promised. Perhaps on this forum we can find ways on how we can touch each other’s lives and give hope with each life changing story.

I want someone who would tell me a story with a happy ending. It’s the chaotic and depressed people who have the most interesting stories. But I want to also see what the other end of the rainbow holds. Does it have pots of gold as they say in the various folklores? I want to feature stories about women also. I don’t want to be biased in this blog. What challenges do they go through? What makes them behave the way they behave? I know it is hard to understand them, though I want to have a glimpse in their day to day lives. My mail is always open for anyone who would want to share their stories with me.


Every dog has its own day yet a cat has got nine lives. It’s unfair yes. Every day when you wake up in the morning, a word of thanks to the guy above would be okay. He appreciates it. It’s the little things that matter to him. Probably he is still wondering how Bran became King and why in the world didn’t anyone think of what lies west of Westoros?

I am not where I want to be, but with slow calculated steps I’ll reach the goal. And with this writing, I’ll take you to a place you have never seen before.

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