You’d pass him for an ordinary gamer. He would normally prefer the Sikh logo in most of his skins and liveries. A rather quiet nice fellow I’d presume. He’s known around the gaming circles as Waheguru. An interesting choice of a pseudonym regarding his not close to an iota of being Indian. He walks around the various gaming platforms and circles in silent steps. Not too loud nor too much of an attention seeker but his presence was always felt. You could tell he was way apart from the other gamers who preferred banter if they weren’t racing or working. He was much more like a phantom the bus he drove during those gaming sessions was christened as the Black Ghost.

His real names are Geoffrey Tudor. He works in Urban Hair Studios, Nairobi. When he called me and requested if I could peg down his story, he was somewhere deep in Sondu, Homabay county I presume. He said he had to go back home and recuperate. Things at the city had been a bit too fast for him and he needed to catch a breather. He’s a father to a daughter whose 9 years old. He’s had a very few friends regarding that he’s a strong introvert. He says his wife is the loud one. It’s how he says, “my mamaaz is the vocal one,” you’d definitely know that the woman has been with him for eons and that their union will be around for another millennium.

He started playing some popular game known as BSI and that’s where he linked up with his current online pals from the EA region. He says that they’ve been of much help than most of his peers who disappeared on him.

I asked him what happened that led to his friends deserting him. There’s a certain pause from his end of the line and takes in a deep breath.

“September 8th 2020 will forever be etched on my memories Amwadeghu. It’s the day I got an accident on my way to Kisumu. I lost control of the vehicle and it rolled thrice. The car became written off. I fractured both legs and my right arm. My cousin who was riding shotgun with me was lucky to get away with a twisted arm and a bruised tissue.” He says. “What was the cause of the accident? Was it failed brakes, a sudden tire burst that caused the loss of control or what just happened?” I probed further.

“People just need to be careful on the road. It is not a good experience having your body getting trapped in a mangled wreckage of metal. It is bad. I really don’t know how to explain. The car just veered off the road at a curve. I was calm, I didn’t panic. I do not know why until the last minute and second when the car came to a complete standstill that’s when I knew kimeumana. I woke up in an ambulance (St. John’s). I was numb but when the pain came it was excruciating and unbearable.

I stayed at Aga Khan hospital till November when I was transferred to Matter Hospital. Thrice I have been to the theater. I can gladly use my arm to which I’m really grateful. For now I’m attending physiotherapy sessions for my leg. I’m getting better as the days go by. I can at least walk around through the use of crutches. It’s like learning to walk again. Taking baby steps. At one point I fell into depression when the doctors said that they were not sure if I’d ever walk again. I sympathized, I got angry, I never wanted to be confined to the life of being pushed around in a wheelchair.

The accident was a major eye opener for me. I knew who my real friends were. Most of them disappeared into the thin air. Gone in 60 seconds. Their were a few who stood by my side both mentally and financially even though my medical cover was up to date that extra money came in handy. I fell into a relapse during my recovery period. I got through it. My old buddy Mash, God bless her soul came through for me, big time. My wife never deserted me for a single moment. She has been by my side all this while. She has managed to hold the family when I was down on the ground. You know I couldn’t literally walk. And each day on my hospital bed she would say, “Geoffrey, the God I serve i believe will make you rise up from this bed and walk.” It became her prayer and belief.

I have not seen most of my hang-abouts for a very long time. At least that’s what I call them nowadays. I became docile in gaming, coding, and graphics designing. My introversive nature made me discover skills I didn’t know I had. During that process and journey of self finding and realization I met new friends. They do check on me at times which is fine by me.”

“Did the accident affect your intimate life?” I ask. I like probing those questions people don’t like asking. “The accident brought me closer to my family. We spent lots of time together. I feel that the intimacy has grown and I’m grateful to my wife. My child was affected. It hit her hard, but kids being kids make a quick turnaround and got over it quickly. They’re supportive.”

Before he hanged up, he said that he was looking forward to explore the gaming world and what it had to offer. A lot of potential. A sleeping giant that field is.

“You should show up for a run or convoy one of these fine days. You know the drill.” He says. “Sure I will. What would be your identifier?” I ask.

“Waheguru.” He says.

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