Vini Vici

You want to get away from the noise and all the hullabaloos as soon as possible. Such noise and inconsistent chattering drowns out your imagination. You feel the urge and need to be alone with your mind just like the way your body needs oxygen. Your biggest concern is that you have gotten so comfortable in your skin. And it worries you a tad a lot that you might never admit a partner into your space.

Introversion to you is like a curse. You find pleasure in the most mundane things. You often catch yourself talking to walls, trees, insects, or your shadow at times. You will talk to anything, but when it comes to fellow humans your body feels like it is deprived of energy. And all you think of is the warmth of your sofa. It is the only reason that makes you walk or drive fast.

Because where the extroverted asks, “Why not?”, the introverted asks, “Why should I admit you into my space? I am missing nothing.” This would explain your impatient and unforgiving nature. You always ask if you can love another as you love yourself. You doubt it, but you can always try.

I am introverted in nature. This is my reality. Small talks always irks me. I have short attention span, if it doesn’t pique my interests then my mind would wander far beyond and think of the pings NASA are using to control the rover over there in Mars. I rarely remember names but I’m good with faces. You will mostly find me next to the ocean. It always has a calling. The waves usually make that beautiful music whenever they hit the shore. I can’t stay in a noisy area. So I’d find solace in machineries, tech, gizmos, automobiles (buses and trucks), and literature. Being in control of things is both a curse and a blessing.

If I’m talking to you, then I made that decision. It’s neither accidental nor coincidental. It will not be the first time I saw you. I have seen you. Be it at the malls, or anywhere. I always leave shoes at the door. I’m not loud and I never stay in one place for long either. I get tired of company at times. I call very few people if I’m to be truly honest and I always keep most at an arms length.

I don’t fight for people, I just walk away. If I do you right, you do me right. If you lie to me I’ll always out lie you. This happens due to the wild imagination that plays forth hand. I have conferences in my head. Unajiita mkutano and it gets heated pretty much at times and I end up mumbling things. If you catch me doing so, I will pretend to quote Socrates, or Plato. Do not ask me whom I was talking to. Save me the awkwardness.

At times I have been a very terrible companion to good women out here. It is one of the many reasons why I loathe busy townships and prefere remote areas.

Afterall, “There is no all purpose definition of introversion or extroversion. These are not unitary categories.”

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  1. Ndaiga says:

    This is me exactly.

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