Long time ago, I was born in a country. A country which was full of scandals since its independent days. Our fore fathers thought that all their hard work and effort would finally bare fruits once they were free from bondage and the heavy yoke of colonialism. Our first chosen leader, fed them with promises. Promises of a better economy, a grandeur life for the common citizens. Seeds were planted, everyone was hopeful that they would gain bountiful harvests. Unbeknownst to them, they planted their seeds of hope into the roadside and unkempt gardens. The weeds grew and choked the few seedlings that had managed to sprout. But they were hopeful. Their hope didn’t wither nor fade into oblivion. The development funds soon found ways into few peoples pockets. Life became slightly harder for the common citizens as years rolled by. They didn’t mind. For them they were proud beings that were no longer colonized by the Westerners.

What happened to the grandeur dream?

Our people approached the national dream just the way a phallic excited dude would do when he approached a lady. Cracks began to show. Any one who’d question the higher ups would either disappear without a trace or would end up being found in a godforsaken ditch. Tribunals and communal were formed to try find out who were behind the murders and the corrupt allegations which were rocking our already young nation. The sons of the soil rallied whenever common sense was welcomed into their minds; they were beaten senseless like a stray dog that had wondered into a mosque during the Ramadhan season. They were splashed by water coming from huge cannons on police trucks. Mother earth had drunk too much of her son’s blood. She was getting fed up having to cover them from their demise. She knew of plenty tales that would never come to light.

Did they live the dream?

A few of our fore fathers did. But it was never passed down to the children or up to the fourth generation. Each time a new leader was chosen they came up with promises. Promises that are yet to be fulfilled. Developments that are left half way due to lack of funds.

We were once a great people with a great economy but now we have been reduced to beggars. We are barely struggling to survive on the few scraps they dish out across calling donations. Our children are learned but they have no jobs. They have to bribe or sleep their way to get on top of the food chain. Another promise is made and another seed is planted.

Another packaged lie to trap the whole nation in greed. The youth have been silenced by drugs and other vices that dumb and shut their minds off from any progressive thinking. They have green belts wrapped around their minds. They’ve fallen to the get rich quick schemes. Our children no longer want to know the joy and sweat of enjoying your toil through hard work. Their eyes and ears have been sealed and shut by red tapes that conceals them from the truth. They’re walking blind like cows in a herd.

Power game struggle?

Our people have always wanted a better life. Only a few are having the better life coming out from the expense of our government coffers. The rest trickles like raindrops in a dessert. Paranoia is in bloom between the ones in power and the ones on the ground. They’ll push drugs and come up with all manner of vices covered in a pretty glossy advertisements so that we will never see the truth around. So come on.

A Revolution Perhaps?

The ones is power think that they’ve won the battle, but the war is far from being over. A few revolts started in few parts of the country before it became widespread. We were used to seeing police battling out with various groups fighting for their various rights.

The revolution had began. There was no stopping it. People had gotten tired of having ideas and policies they didn’t like being shoved down their throats. They were tired of being forced. They didn’t want to be degraded anymore. The masses were tired of being controlled. Demonstrations had become the norm. They sprang out from every town. They were positive that they’d be victorious.

What next?

Some people decided to let the revolution roll. Others backed out on the last minute. They would use all manner of attacks till the government heard them. They heard a vision of interchanging the governments mind control. The main reason was to flick the switch and open their third eyes and they’d be able to see that they should never be afraid to die for what they believed in.

The rising grew in huge multi folds. The urge to rise and return things in their balanced position drove their hunger. The fat cats had a heart attack. Some changed camps and joined the masses. Those that still struggled and hanged on to power knew that their time was coming to an end.


Partially alive. The people of the nation have united and will watch our flag ascend from atrocities like corruption, murder, theft that purge our society.

Who I’m I?

I’m a son of the soil who was born from the first African country that successfully annulled an election.

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