Uncharted Waters.

I have never tried this guest post thing. Sure it’s my first. A friend of mine wrote this piece. She’s a first timer on this writing thing and I saw it wise if I could post and share her article here. There’s always a first time for everything. Here’s to the uncharted waters. Guys meet Josephine. Josephine, meet the guys.

Date: Jul 10, 2018

The week had been a long and tiring one and I was finally relieved that the weekend was here. Juggling from work, school and to my baby business which was now all grown. Tired as i was, I felt really proud of myself. I got in the house only for Jenny my best friend to come and invite me to a colleague’s birthday party. Tired as I was, she couldn’t hear my excuses to stay at home and relax.

The night wasn’t cold and so I put on shorts and boots admist protests from Jenny who thought the look as cow boyish. We got to the party and I must say that I was really impressed by the ambience of the place. The house was simple but quite lavishly decorated and I immediately fell in love with it.

Jenny left me to go catch up with some colleagues of hers and I got the chance to escape from the many people. Taking a glass of wine with me, I went to a deserted balcony and stood watching the stars while I sipped my wine. I don’t know for how long I had been there but I felt like someone was watching me. Looking back, I saw this god of a dude standing behind me. I can say for a moment there I forgot how to breathe. The whole place was filled with his scent which smelt so fresh and nice.

“I can see someone loves their alone time,” he said before he broke into this amazing smile.

“I’m Tony by the way,” he said ending the silence that had built between us.

From there we got to know each other and I came to know that the house we were in belonged to him, and that the sister was hosting a party at his house. I could say we seemed to get along so well and anyone who looked at us could think we had known each other for a long time.

Fast forward to the present day, I was talking to Jenny through the phone when she reminds me that my birthday is coming up and that I hadn’t talked of any plans yet.

Well, I had it all planned out. Going out drinking with her and getting wasted for the whole night. Sounds like a plan. No? It was on my birthday and I felt so over myself. I was happy and thanked God for yet another year. We dressed up ready for a night out with Jenny. Getting to my favourite joint, we asked for whiskey first so as to set the mood. Did I say that the god who was Tony had found the goddess and that happened to be her highness here? Now you know. I don’t know where Jenny went but all I remember was the DJ changing songs and Otile’s “chaguo la moyo” hit the place.

Before I knew what was happening, kneeling in front of me was Tony looking at me with those cute eyes of his holding a ring. I couldn’t control myself. Tears flowed freely from my eyes. I really wanted this. But I wasn’t ready yet. I knew Tony wasn’t going to understand me. I stood from my seat and hugged him with my tears soaking his shirt. I always wondered what I had done to deserve this guy. My demi god. When the night had cooled off, I managed to get out of the joint and headed home. Where I texted everyone I cared about that i was fine. Then I called my cab guy and off I went to JKIA. Looking out of the cab window, I took out my sim card from my phone and threw it out and watched as a truck crushed it. Some battles are better fought alone, I hope he could understand.


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