Come arredare una parete bianca e noiosa (senza impazzire!)

Previously on 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit,…

“Come in,” a lovely feminine voice said.

She had donned Levi’s spectacles and matte black lipstick enhanced her small pouty lips. A silver Rolex watch rested on her left wrist palm and she didn’t have her usual white lab coat on. There goes my fetish down the drain. A polka sequin dress fit her well revealing the beautiful curves she always hid beneath that white lab coat of hers. It’s a wonderful day when my eyes are feastung on such. But I did not come for my perverted ways, I came to talk to her and try to see if she can deem me sane.
There was a plush black leather couch and a glass table on which a bottle of Chardonnay and Hennessey stood. Two one seater red sofas sat opposite each other while a semi round white plush seat faced the sofa. I plunged myself into the black leather couch.

Artemina: It’s been a while Akala. Your reputation precedes you.

Akala: Doctor, it’s been months. But I’ve been okay. I haven’t gotten mad to the point of stripping down and wandering off the streets screaming like a lunatic.

Artemina: Whiskey or Chardonnay?

Akala: I can see you’re quite the connoisseur, but I’ll pass down the offer today doctor.

Artemina: Call me Artemina please. Are you on other medications or drugs?

Akala: I became a man of the cloth which is proving to be quite a huddle.

The doctor gets up from her seat and turns down the blinds. She is still recovering from her shock. She did a pretty good job of masking it from him. Wonders never cease. It gets more interesting with him. He is full of surprises. She takes a cigarette from the packet that lay on the table idly and toys with it around her fingers as she proceeded to light it up and blowing circles of smoke in the air.

Such a pity to have a good man waste himself.

Artemina: Tell me more about this journey of you wanting to become close to the supreme ruler.

Akala: That’s why I’m here doctor. Things have fallen apart. Of what use is it when I turned my insolent ways to the Lord only to lose the things that matters most?

Artemina: You’re going through a divorce?

Akala: Mother was mad because she thought I was lost. She has not spoken to me for a while. I feel that my wife is seeing another person behind me. Maybe I’m paying for the atrocities I’ve put her through? My sister is the reserved type normally but I feel I’m not doing enough. Father ran away. No one knows where he is. There is peace but not at such a cost. Maybe I was used to the chaos within.

Artemina: Change is always inevitable. Resistance is always met with force as one tries to do things out of their norm. As for the missus, I don’t know the reason why you feel that she’s seeing someone else.

Akala: Yes. I don’t know how long I can go on pretending that it’s well within my soul. I thought if I’d sing Kumbaya, tithe and help the poor then perhaps the guy above would radiate his mercy towards me and shine his luck upon me and my marriage and the relationship with mother would be better. It’s quite the opposite. I’ve been trying to sire a kid with my wife lately but she usually denies every effort.

Artemina: I thought you never wanted kids.

Akala: I’m at a position currently that I feel I can cater for raising a kid. Doctor, I went and got tested and found that my field marshalls are okay. They would win world war three just for my sake, all I need to do is just declare war. I’m getting starved and crave for both. I can’t be seen at brothels to quench my thirst anymore.

Artemina: My, my, my, you fell for the religious hogwash; line, reel and hook. You’re at a dilemma. A cross road in whichever path you’d choose society would still judge you harshly. Make some space I need to sit closer to you.

Akala: There’s plenty of room everywhere Doctor.

Artemina: Wouldn’t you want me to relieve you of your stress and tension, make you forget about everything and all the worries you have in your head?
Akala: Just be careful that you don’t get drawn into my madness doctor. I look up to you to pull me out of my psychological esteem issues.

Artemina stood up and went to her office cabinet, took out a glass and poured herself some Chardonnay. She came and sat down next to Akala, looked him in the eyes and hugged him. She let him bury his face at her bosom.

After all, she had the whole afternoon with him.

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