To Have A DNA or Not?

One dubious mistake most men make is to under estimate a woman’s capacity for deceit. Others suffer from deep-rooted insecurities. They would rather hurt comfortably in lies rather than bearing the free weight of the truth. Such calibers of men tie their worthiness to a woman’s approval, and are but half-men, simps. Getting a DNA is paramount. Do not be a half-man. Times have changed. We no longer live in the 18th century. Women can be just as conniving and possibly more.

There is nothing wrong with raising another man’s child. But if you must do it, the least one can do is to ask for the truth. To do it consciously and voluntarily out of your own will. There is a risk of alienating your wife or partner. Thus the reason why the DNA should be done secretly. A child’s strand of hair, nail clippings, or saliva swab will do. The cost does not exceed twenty grand in government based pharmaceuticals. A man seeking DNA should not be a punishment to a woman. Truth is only punishment to the lying.

There is an African says that goes like, “He that farts, is the most willing to fight in refutation.” If a woman is of good spirit, character, and nature, why would she be unnerved by the pursuit of truth? Shouldn’t the truth be upheld by the results of the test?

All this is about a video that had gone viral when the man gifted his woman the test results of a DNA he had done on their “daughter” and ended up giving them a timeline on when they could vacate his house. There were a lot of queries raised. Though I tend to peg a question to the opposite gender. “Does it not fret you doing someone’s son dirty?” You will be mothers with sons someday. You would not want any woman doing that to your son or brother. And men should simply learn that women are not doing them any favors by dating them.

It is best at times not to walk on egg shells. Though intimacy demands trust and truth should not be wielded. It should be served when it is due. Some would argue about the increase in domestic violence when a man finds out the truth. That is a wrong perspective. Truth does not beget violence. One does not do so because he discovered it. He simply is a violent character, and is a ticking time bomb. One can always walk away. Fear is a cruel master and a dictator, thankfully though, one can decide not to serve under it.

What happens if the results turn positive? Good news it is to the gentile soul. That’s a match between DNA sample 1 (Father’s) and 2 (Child’s). In case of negative results, the choice is solely the deceived father’s. Some men will tend to overlook it. God knows I am not one of those men. I simply do not have the heart to forgive seventy times seven. Once just works fine.

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  1. Jenipher says:

    Honesty is the best policy so I advocate for one man one love and vice versa so no need for DNA

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      That is true, one perspective and angle if viewed from that dimension

  2. Robert says:

    Indeed true love trust and truth makes a happy relationship

    1. Amwadeghu says:

      True on that aspect

  3. john msagha says:

    Probably one of my best reads ….INdeed eye opening and well placed facts
    I too don’t have the heart to forgive sevety times seven, haha …Lord knows how it pains

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