The Praying Mantis.


Thing is, many people were used to the suspense. A lot of suspense brought along with certain peace people were accustomed to.

I always thought that I’d live by the sea. Travel the world in a sleek ship packed with fire power cannons enough to rip the core of this earth. All I wanted was to travel the world and live above the waters. With these climatic conditions, the glaciers have been melting at an alarming rate. Soon we would be living in the year 3000. And the whole world would be covered in water. The wide ocean often calls me out.

Hold up.

For fucks sake, I had no idea of what happened to that dream. But hey, chill a moment. There’s nothing left for me in here. It was a while when I found a place I’d call home. I know I’m home when I can smell the salt in the air. The tropical sun blazing without mercy. It was warm and lovely. I never seemed to care.

I cared.

I cared about mother. She was the only person I held close. She doesn’t care of how I massed my wealth. Wait.
Money had never been a problem. That hadn’t been one thing to stop me. I was never after riches. I was after what was mine. Seems fair enough, right?

Perhaps so.

All that while, I never knew a place where I’d anchor myself. I wasn’t the type of person who would stick around for long, cause I’d never make it. The monsoon winds would always call out for me. Then with my backpack and machines. I’d jump ships just like that.
In another lifetime, I’d have been captain Hook, or maybe Peter Pan. Or maybe I’d have married Tinkerbell. Wait, a wedding with a fairy????
I’d have made a viral video out of pixie dust.

Wait a minute.

I apologize if I’m not in love; if I’m not in love with happily ever after, if I’m not in love with the fairies, if I’m not in love with the optimistic realm that we humans dwell and thread upon.
Forgive me father,…… For I have sinned.
Yet it is not as if I care that your hearts aren’t entirely breaking.

But perhaps that would have been just a thought. Just a thought on every possible reality. The voices were too loud in my head. Everything seemed to rush by. I lost my purpose quietly. In the night I shut my eyes. It felt good for a moment to stay with my own dark thoughts. There was no paving to my heartstrings. With every pump it became weak. I was on my own. All alone. The silent rush of thunder grew loud as the voices threatened to pull me under. Yet it is only one whisper out of that noise that stole me away.

They’re probably working on bringing the light towards me. Fighting so hard that the light doesn’t ebb out of my eyes.
Sigh. I hate burdening them. These burdens thoughts would crash them. They hold onto frail hope. From the grounds to the hallways, their lips were sealed with eerie silence. Not any resistance. Not a sound. I never fought to lose it. I didn’t amass everything just to have it razed to the ground. I dont have to carry the weight of my sins any more. I’m far beyond retribution. I didn’t rise to cave in just like that. I didn’t leave for safety. I won’t just age to grow weary and bleed.

Can someone help me out? It’s hard catching my breathe. I cant feel my legs, I can’t move my fingers. The sad reality crushing in. I’m sinking in the deep. The voices are fading out. I’m lost in the crowds.

A girl appears out in the dark. It freaks me out that she is pretty. Her skin is abit pale. She has white silver hair. She’s in black tattered clothes. She is abit thin. Seems she regularly skipped her meals. She had a blue eye and a green eye. She was a chimera.

Her: You seem lost. You not from around these places.

Me: Yeah. I don’t know where I am.
Her: You people who reside in the above living world are always lost whenever you pass by through this place.

Me: Why is it so dark? I can barely see anything.

Her: The darkness varies with your deeds. If you had good deeds, your path would clear up. If you were a sinner, well it’d be dark. The darkness also reveals the state of your heart.

Me: Who are you? What you doing in a place like this? Don’t you have a place you call home? Or your parents don’t worry about you?

Her: You ask alot of questions. I do have one parent. I like it down here. I get to meet various people. My home is in the sky above. Though I prefer hanging with big brother over here.

Me: Seems he eats your share of food.
Her: I’m Azrael by the way. Most people dread meeting me. They say I scare them. I only do my job. I’m also known by the name death.

She flashes a pretty smile. I honestly thought death would be some bone less guy with a large hooded black flowing robe and a scythe in his hands. She could see the shock!

Azrael: I took the form of a girl so that I couldn’t scare you. Besides I saw you giving in to your desires. Big brother would sure like it that way, though it is a bad sport.

Me: There’s nothing for me up there.
Azrael: Well sorry to burst your bubble handsome. Your time is not yet up. I came to guide you back to the surface lest others got before me. You would’ve gotten stuck in this limbo. And take care of the old woman. I’ve had several encounters with her. Father’s light shines upon her.

Me: I guess there’ll be a second meeting then.

Azrael: Sure. I wont come in my other form. Make sure your path is well lit.
Me: For how long have I been here? So you are a shape shifter then.

Azrael: Eight hours. Your sister found you unconscious in your living room. One of your lungs collapsed and you developed breathing problems.

With a wave of her hand a scene appeared. I could see mother praying and howling all manner of obscenities to Lucifer. Sister cried herself to sleep. Brother and uncle were busy pacing up and down. A few of my childhood friends were present. The nurses were busy rushing in and out. A few of mother’s friends calmed down my sister. The looks on their faces were devastating.

With another wave the scene disappeared and another popped up. I could see doctors trying to resuscitate me. My breathing rates had plummeted. Panic wore on their faces. They were doing their best. No one wants to be the bearer of bad news.

Azrael: Well i rushed to you cause I thought your time was up but it was a false alarm. Time to go back to your world.

Me: I never told you my name.

Azrael: I know. Rush now back to them. You’ve stayed in here far too long. It’s time for you to wake up.

I could feel the blood flowing in my veins, my chest heaving up and down. My breathing had resumed. I slowly open my eyes and I can see people looking at me with small torches in their hands. They are happy that I’m awake. I turn my head to the side and I saw her.

I smile at her, and she smiles back she sticks and says, “be good this time”. A flick of her fingers and Azrael disappears.

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