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Previously on 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit,

It’s Friday morning, Akala had reached his working premises an hour early. He made coffee in his office and walked out to the balcony with his coffee in hand. He stared down below as the city rose to life. Cars could be heard honking. In the distance, a few factories belched out smoke into the grey early morning sky. The few cloud patches littering the atmosphere couldn’t stop the sun’s rays from shimmering her light down below. The eccentric rusty dusty smell of the city welcomed him. He had a nice view of the city from above his office balcony. It’s one of those rare sites he usually found calm and peace in. He had only one thing in his mind; to see the doctor. There was so much he wanted to discuss.

He walked back to his office and stared at the office cabinet which had a few bottles of expensive whiskey. He convinced himself that he was a man of the cloth and only kept the liquor as a reminder of how far he had moved from his past life. Everything back home seemed settled. It was a miracle that four days had passed without his younger sister and wife quarrelling about one thing or the other. His wife has been quiet lately, she turns a blind eye on whatever he does these days. Her constant pestering and nagging had completely stopped. She’d only come to the bedroom when he was fast asleep. At times he would catch her smiling foolishly while staring at her phone during ungodly hours late in the night. She’d also pick her calls late in the night often. He saw a developing trend but he didn’t want to confront her at the moment. Ophelia on the other hand went back to her introverted nature. His mother was still mad at him and hadn’t called since she left, he hasn’t bothered either.

He sipped his coffee as he thought about Artemina. He had an appointment at 1100 hrs. He felt the urge to call and confirm his appointment before leaving the office. He had to leave an hour earlier so that he could beat the traffic which always built up from lunch hours till the evening in the weekends. He switched on his laptop and proceeded to work on the system. He sent emails to all his departmental staff delegating what duties they’d do.

Two hours passed rather slowly. Akala was bored. It was only 0930 hrs. He strode leisurely to the HR’s office and informed the pretty lady behind the reception desk that he wanted to talk to the HR. A call was made and he was ushered in. After a few minutes, he left the office a happy guy. He put everything into his backpack and was planing to leave the office early. Those walls wouldn’t see him till on the next Monday morning. He called again to confirm his meeting with the doctor. He didn’t want to drive all the way to the Southern side of the city for nothing. Everything was proceeding smoothly as he had imagined.

He left the premises and got into his car and drove on for his appointment.


She is currently nervous. Her secretary informed her that Akala was coming for his appointment. “Would he keep time? Is he an African timer?” She’s been thinking a lot on how things will play out. What does he have on his mind? She gets turned on by men who have higher intellectual abilities than her. She was sure that Akala was a sly fox and would see through her ploy. Focus Artemina. What was she thinking about him? She had to be professional. It’s been a while since she last laid her eyes on him. She wished and wanted to have a long session with him.

Artemina called her secretary and informed her that she won’t be taking any other appointments past noon. She wants to have ample time with him.
“Perhaps she should get Chardonnay to loosen him up?, Does he still smoke?” Such thoughts tortured her already blown out mind.


Akala arrived at her office half an hour earlier than the expected time. He sat waiting in the lounge. He looked around and noticed the expensive well detailed pieces of art and paintings that decorated the entire place. It gave a much more welcoming sensation. It abated the feeling of feeling depressed. The walls had been painted a rich livery color. A few steps to the left stood a polished mahogany door with the title above that read “Dr.Artemina Miles – Psychologist.”

This was going to be a long day for him.

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    The suspense is high here men!!! What next…??

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