The LadyBird

It’s 0123hrs, it’s a bit hot. The type of heat levels that signals you of an oncoming heavy torrential downpour. Since sleep is not forth coming, I decided to watch a little bit of animation the ancient way. Wait; wait a minute. I stumbled across some VCR machine earlier today which kinda piqued my interests. Yes it’s an ancient relic. Let me not get over excited but it was still in good shape. My itchy fingers were dying to test and see if the machine works. Alongside the VCR there were numerous tapes. Many video tapes.

Growing up in the 90s was purely fun. It was epic. Most inventions happened or took place around this era. This kids of 2000+ wont know such a thing. I’d dread the day if I have to argue with a post 2k kid. No offence to my younger audience.

I dusted the machine thoroughly and gave it a blow out. Connected all the wires. Viola! She liivveeeeddd. It’s remote even worked. That was pure bliss. The first tape I inserted in was Mulan.

I remembered alot of things as the animation continued. It took me back to the far flung years which were my childhood years. Them days when we only used to play cha baba na mama, brikicho, chobo ua, chako chako, banoo, and of course football. Whereby goal posts were made of stones. The owner of the ball had all the rights to change the rules of the game and pinpoint the best players. Unfair it seemed. We didn’t seem to mind either way. We would always be fascinated by girls who played football, especially if she was a pretty one. But the pretty ones never liked to get themselves dirty. They would be so engrossed in their cooking mimicking or other girly games like Hop, Step and Jump.

I got bored of Mulan and ejected the tape. The sound it made while ejecting the tape was nostalgic, reminding me of a certain girl with a glass shoe. Cinderella.

I had the whole animation collection, from Shrek, Mulan, Cinderella, The Lion King, The Pink Panther, The Little Mermaid, Jack and The Bean Stalk, Rapunzel, Puss in Boots just to name a few. Honestly the list is endless.

When Cinderella began showing; it depicted her as a poor girl who was always mistreated by her step mother and step sister and as the story goes on and forth a fairy godmother appeared and changed whatever she had into something elegant.

Before we ever watched these animations, someone introduced us to the world of magic and fantasy at such tender young ages. They made our imagination run wild and free. They believed in freedom, happily ever after and the good of the people.

This someone was The Ladybird.

What a queer name. The Ladybird books gave birth to imaginations which ventured far and wide into beautiful lands and mythical beasts. But a child can only dream.

Pardon me I’d like to depict The Ladybird to be a young woman of motherly nature.

I never knew what a fairy was. She helped us on that. She took us onto very many different journeys. Those journeys were quite essential to our young minds. They depicted good from evil. We learnt about Hansel and Gretel, the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. Ariel was my favorite. The little mermaid making it a possibility in our minds to know that there were sort of humanoid creatures in the waters.

I often wondered why Rapunzel had to be saved by a prince. Snow White….. Well, she always sounded like a damsel in distress. I felt that – Jack even if he got rich after slaying a giant – was dumb enough to sell off his fortune for magic beans. The Billy Goat ruff made me overcome my fear of trolls and heights.

Our nice perpetual Lady always made us believe that there was always a happy ever after ending and that there was a cloud of silver lining. No matter what challenges we went through those young years. We knew we’d grow up sometime and one day the fantastical land and beauty which we often awed and bathed  ourselves in would soon be replaced with the realistic cut throating competitive world.

Some abandoned the world all together living it to stumble in chaos. A few of us rather held onto it. Just like Peter Pan did with Neverland.

My animation list expanded and it’s scope changed. But I can’t forget where it all began.

I wouldn’t trade the VCR relic or the tapes to anyone. I’ll have them for keeps.

Thank you Ladybird for giving us such a wonderful childhood. You gave it all for us.

I see the lights and the stars align. I can see Pan’s ship floating across the sky.

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