Sitting Down Here

Perhaps I should go to the confession box and say, “forgive me father, for I haven’t written in the last fourteen days.” Maybe, just maybe, I might go.. but I have the heart of some certain pharisee who went before the Lord in the synagogue and said that he was not a sinner cause he had tithed and observed the Sabbath and kept it holy. Enough of the shenanigans. Don’t be sad, I gave you a heads up that I wouldn’t be writing for the last two weeks.

Hellooooo, the two weeks are over. But I didn’t leave you in such a bad state either. I gave you a three weeks worth read. Right?

God knows I have such cheesy readers who’d crave for more and more. But it’s my work to sit my ass down and give you all the juicy stories.

A lot has happened since the last 14 days. Probably most have forgotten about this safe haven that I’d created for you. Others may have found some ratchet love to pass by time as they waited for me to pen down my thoughts and entertain them. Others might have well moved and joined our forefathers into the great white light. I hope not though. I hope you are all alive, well, devoid of heart breaks, and for the ones who imbibe,  your livers are regenerating from the various beatings their owners put them through.

Have another shot of whiskey lads. Whiskey is vital for your health. Within these fourteen days it seems I’d forgotten about basic sentence structures. Goddamn, Drinkcember came on a good note which made me divorce my relationship with proper grammar and words. The ability to spell becomes an extreme sport when the speech becomes slightly slurred.

I might or might not have  gotten someone. I didn’t say that I dipped my feet into the cold frozen waters of the Antarctica.

Maaaaaaan, such life comes with an adjustment. I know most of you vouched for Scarlet from the previous reads. Sorry to burst your bubble. She’s still pretty mad about me not going to their church. I met with a few of you while around town and most of y’all said, “why don’t you give Scarlet a chance?”, “Drop the pride and drag your soul to their church. Atleast make her smile.” Y’all said.

Point of correction lads. It’s not pride that’s making me not go to their church or place of worship. It’s just that most Sundays are always hangover ladened. Now that we’ve cleared that. I’ll say the person in thought is abit svelte. It’s abit fun trotting around and going to the movies and other exotic places along the coastline that I’d never thought I’d set foot.

Sweet dreams are made of these. Whom am I to disagree? Isn’t it a lovely sight when your resting your bum on the sun beds just soaking up the sun? But such moments never last for eternity. I’ll have to adjust to the temperamental changes.

The change I’m talking about is that the blog would move to a new domain come next year, or perhaps before the end of this bloody year. You never know. Cheap is expensive. We have moved quite a long way. No need for cheap things.

I’d try my best not to put the article 14 days away from each other. Damn. If I’d be sober enough to remember. Let me go back to my liver regeneration process.


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