When karma decides to play ball games like the way it did with Sensei, it makes sure it enables the most difficult settings. He didn’t go looking for problems. Instead problems found him. He says that when you find your house is leaking, just know that it didn’t begin with a crack. Rather it began with small cracks that paved way to large cracks which allowed water to sip in and beat you in your own house.

Difficulty level: Legendary.

He is stuck in between two women. He’s in a dilemma. A two forked way. He doesn’t know what to do when it comes to choosing between the two. He loves them both but doesn’t have a clue on what to do about his situation. He chuckles slightly about it. He says back then he was no where near being Cupid’s pal. But Cupid being Cupid always found ways to change the most difficult hearts. Sensei was no exception to this.

Guys suggested that he should pick the one who would ride shotgun for him. Bonnie and Clyde type of thing. A random comment was made that he should tell both chicks he’s broke or lost his job and see their reactions.

He counters the random comment by saying that Miss A had lots of cash. Money was not a problem to her(huyu ako na pesa mbaya sana.) Miss B was swimming in the same waters as him when it came to the salary payment. (tuko same salary bracket na yeye.) Both are loyal to him from his own point of view. Miss A lives in Busia while Miss B resides in Nairobi.

So where I’m I headed with this?


Sensei met Miss B late last year when he was a month shy off from celebrating the festivities that came along with the Messiah’s birthday. Miss A came into the picture earlier on the first month this year. That was when January was flaunting off her sixty days of hardships to every citizen of our beloved scandalous country.

The game was to have Miss A as his clandestine but it feels like the other way around to him. He feels that he’s the one being stringed along. Miss B was to shift to her own place but it’s become a crisis cause she feels like it’s as if Sensei is evicting her out of his safe haven. She would silently cry when he was not around and when he came back home he would find her eyes red and swollen from all that crying.

Who is Sensei?

We are at the Containers in Juja. The locals prefer to call their town Jujamaica. We are seated at one of those tables that has been covered by a senator keg mat. At the center sits three jugs of cold jug-Daniels and two huge mugs full of keg with straws dangling inside the bubbly frothy beer. Sensei and his pal are sipping the keg through straws from their mug fulls. I’m having a cold Tusker, I always like them when they come cold, while Maryaja with whom I was having a drink with while waiting for them was having a sweet rose white wine. We are joined by numerous noises and free entertainment from the crowd that had began settling in the various tables in the main area.

Sensei is 25. He works as a customer care at a local telecommunications firm based in Parklands. His girlfriend Miss B moved in with him and they have been living together for two months. He feels that they have rushed into it and that he misses his own space and freedom. Though if he tells her to shift or kuhama it would feel like that he’s chasing her.

“How did this happen? For how long had you guys dated so that you could make that move?” I asked. I like being intrusive at times. I want to know how it feels like to be when one is faced with such precarious situations. He works in the same place with Miss B. “Aren’t office relationships frowned upon by your work place?” Maryaja asked this time. All eyes turned towards her. During the whole conversation she was silently drinking her sweet rose white wine while she scrolled through her phone sending smiley emojis to those phallic-excited dudes who doubled tap her IG photos.

“So long as the relationship is low key then there’s no reason for the higher ups to raise eyebrows.” He answered her.

Sensei had imported Miss B from the coastal city. She came to Nairobi in search of greener pastures. Sensei helped her look for a job in his work place and by mid Dec they were both working at the same firm. They had dated for a month before she made the move to join him in the city.

What of Miss A?

Miss A is head over heels in love with Sensei as he claims. She’s totally smitten by him. The problem is that she’s married to a well moneyed guy. She’s 21, comes from a humble background. It’s an illicit affair. They both know it. At first it was supposed to be a one night stand but things morphed into something else. The game changed on him when he realized that he was the clandestine in the circus he had thought he was the show master.

“How did you know that she was married?” We all asked him in unison.

One day they met in Bungoma where he’d gone for some work related issues. He noticed the wedding ring on her finger. He was shocked at first. He was quite sure that he wanted nothing to do with a married woman but fate had other ways of convincing him, and the lady used her soothing voice and told him that everything would be water under the bridge if he maintained a low profile as they had been earlier. Their love would flourish if her hubby didn’t know.

The Twist in all of this?

So one lazy sunny Sunday after they had shagged and exorcised all their demons and done speaking in tongues, in their various forms of being undressed; she (Miss B) causally told him that she had missed her code red. He lay there thinking,……what in the hell happened. It didn’t need rocket science to understand how fertilization worked. The next day she bought sticks that determined their course of the relationship and peed on one of it. A red line glared back at them. He told her to drink lots of water and try again. She did it and for the second time the red line glared back at them. He hated the color red at this juncture. Miss code red sent him a message that read, “Congratulations Sensei, you’re going to be a father.” At such situations that’s when you’d know the true nature of a guy. The first type of guy is the one who packs his shit in the middle of the night and runs for the hills. The second type is the one who’d try figure a way of how things would work out regarding that there was a third one on the way. Sensei didn’t run for the hills.

Meanwhile his dealings with Miss A were surreptitious. They always had out of town weekend arrangements. On a chilly Tuesday morning after their normal weekend sinning, he receives a call from Miss A stating that lady luck hadn’t paid her a visit that month. Things played out quite quickly before Sensei could comprehend a thing. Miss A had a marketing company all under her name and they had bagged a huge marketing deal with the telecommunications firm whereby Sensei is employed. She came over lunch time when Sensei was having lunch with Miss B. All three had a wonderful made sumptuous lunch.

What went wrong?

He introduced the two dames to each other on that uneventful day they had lunch all three. He thought they wouldn’t catch up or kuendelea kujuana after the luncheon. So both dames exchanged contacts. Miss A knew Miss B and vice versa. Miss A called the following day citing that she was in hospital. Her husband had found out of her illicit affair with Sensei and beat the crap out of her. Sensei thinks the hubby knows that she is pagers by him. Though he suspects that her husband might make her abort before the pregnancy comes to its full term.

Both damsels are telling him to choose one over the other. Although there hasn’t been a case of name calling and cat fights or wigs and bras being yanked off, there has been tension in his Bermuda triangle.

He admits to having played the game in an offside position. Miss A said that she would do everything in her power to carry the pregnancy into full term. She wants Miss B to vacate so that she would get Sensei to bond with the unborn child. The plan would have gone well if Miss B had accepted to vacate and Sensei would get his space and freedom to fill the earth.

Sensei is usually bored whenever he’d find her silently crying. The good news according to him is that none knows they are both paged by the same guy.


The place is lively. There’s some reggae music playing smoothly. You can tell it’s Friday; the first on a new month. Most people frequent the Containers for a pre-game to warm up their innards. Sensei was asking what we would do if we were in his shoes. He wanted to know the way forward. In which way would we advise him.

Miss A was willing to give Sensei a good job with a better payment package in her company only if he’d leave Miss B. Miss A had totally convinced her hubby that she and Sensei were no longer an item. Instead she left Busia and went to Kisumu. She has been waiting for Sensei’s feedback. If it’s positive she would drive all the way from Kisumu to Nairobi and be with Sensei. She isn’t ready to divorce her hubby because the hubby is well endorsed financially.

“Do you want Miss B to hamaa from your place?” His pal made the inquiry.

He wants her to shift so that he’d be free and uncommitted till May then he would tell her to move in with him to a bigger house. In that period he would be in a better position to sort things out. He wants her mother to at least know where her daughter Miss B is staying, and to know that her daughter is safe and then introduce himself to her mother after they’ve successfully moved in to the bigger house.

The question that keeps popping up in his mind is that why would Miss A want a long term commitment when her husband earns a seven figure salary while she has her own company? He has never gotten an answer to that.

An incoming message pops up on Sensei’s screen. A wry smile plays across his lips. The message is from Miss B. She was asking if he would be going back home.


We all felt that he should stick with Miss B. They’ve both been hustling for a better and prospective future together. The fact that she kept crying over it and trying to remedial the pieces, perhaps we feel she is in it for the long term. Miss A was in for the thrill of the moment and she’d leave when the fun ends. He was the toy boy in the affair.


What would you have done if you were Sensei?






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