Room 26.



28th Jan 2018.

The stars look pretty and dazzling tonight. It’s a pretty clear sky. I’m barely breathing. I lie in a pool of blood outside the hotel lobby, eyes half shut. I can barely see nor feel. My body is getting quite cold and numb. I messed up good this time. Maybe my ignorance proved to be my downfall in the end.

20 hours ago.

I wish I could feel things like her. Be lively like her. She was on fire. She was that friendly. She looked good in her turquoise blue dress which had a slightly deep V neck which exposed her brown cleavage abit. She had nice little teeth. She was head of the marketing team. Her English and mannerisms were just perfect and professional. Kelsey was what they used to call her.
In my head, I could visualize her being in my boardroom. Perveted thoughts they were. I should quit this silly thoughts especially when the meeting is at its climax. It had been a while since I got laid.

Kelsey: Mr. Lewa are you paying attention to what we are discussing here?
Me: Yes, I’m waiting for your conclusion so that the I.T team can check in which ways they’d help in making the product gain more market and clientele.
Kelsey: For a moment I thought you were lost in your own thoughts.
Me: I’m following keenly.

That was almost close. Damn! I cant wait to finish the bloody meeting so that I can head to the bar and unwind. It’s noon. The coastal heat wasn’t helping matters either. My colleagues are much more interested in hitting the beach and having a swim. Nope, I won’t get into that water.

16 hours ago.

It’s 1430hrs. The sun is unbearable. The sun, sand and the sea. And a nice bottle of whiskey. Nothing soothing when you have a hotel room with a balcony view of the ocean.
Phone ring’s.

Me: Hello,

Her: Hi, It’s Kelsey from marketing.

Me: Ok, ssup, what’s with the surprise call.

Her: I’m abit bored. The guys from my department are all macho macho. Thought maybe we might hangout, have a beer or whiskey perhaps.
Me: I have whiskey in my room but I don’t think I can go out with that kind of heat.
Her: Sure, I’ll swing by. Just text me the room number. (She hangs up).

Weird it is surely. But such a lady won’t have the hots for me. I console myself and pour some more whiskey in my glass.

15 minutes later.

Doorbell ring’s. Who could this be? Kelsey perhaps? Nope she too high for my standards. What would she be doing with this freak of a guy anyway? I get up from the balcony seat and I head towards the door.
Kelsey: Hi, (She smiles sheepishly. She is in some nice red polka dot dress. Her perfume engulfs the whole room. The only smell I’m used to is the cigarette smell hovering across the room).
Me: Come in.

I shut the door behind her.

Kelsey: Nice room you’ve got here. I have always wanted such types of rooms. You I.T guys are lucky to have such well equipped rooms with balcony views.
Me: Some whiskey?
Kelsey: Sure, so long as you don’t drug me.

I lacked words to be precise. I couldn’t find an ice breaker.

Kelsey: You sure do keep to yourself most times.

Me: I find it hard to relate with people once outside the workplace.

Kelsey: There’s more to your personality.

Me: Just a normal lonely guy. Who’s abit introverted but loves his drink. No woman. No children.

She laughs hard. A deep guttural laughter.

Kelsey: No woman. No kids. We sure rocking the same boat. But why no woman?
Me: Whoever said that love was real, must have had a drink of a little too much whiskey. It’s hard to trust. Let alone love. Love kills slowly.
Kelsey: Love is a beautiful thing.
Me: So to what pleasure do I honor the visit?
Kelsey: Such devious methods of eluding the question.

13 hours later.

I pour more whiskey onto our glasses. Kelsey has began loosening up. She is much more comfortable around me. She is sitting on my lap as we talk about many things. I discover she is quite lonely. Apart from the corporate face she puts on during working hours. She is a beautiful soul. Unlike I; who has to keep my working functionality sober.

For a moment our lips brush past each other. She looks into my eyes. Her eyes are full of lust and hunger. She kisses me slowly, and deeply. She unbuttons my shirt while i unhook her bra.
She stands up and walks towards the room and says, ” I’m not comfortable in my undies”. She drops them then she comes and sits on top of me. I could feel her titties on my face. They smelt nice. I could feel her erect nipples gaze through me. For once, I’d be getting a decent lay. She unzipped my trouser and removed my erect member. Then for a moment she inserted it slowly inside her warm coochie.

“No touching”. She said.
With stroke after stroke, ride after ride, her moans grew from softly to louder, i could feel her dig her nails into my bare flesh. Kelsey was good. She knew her game.

Few moments later the door burst open. In came weird looking guys with cameras snapping pictures. While another guy removed a nanny camera from Kelsey’s purse.

Kelsey: Sorry Lewa, it’s all business. You have to send me money so that i don’t leak the video and pictures online.

2 hours ago.

Beep Beep, Ngrrrrrrrr, Beeep Beeep
I wake up from my drunken stupor. Yeah I remember, Kelsey playing me. Now I’m supposed to send her some huge amount of money.
I popped pills so as to forget the betrayal. Heck I overdosed myself. But still I woke up in this miserable earth.

Me: Hello
Kelsey: Come with the money. You only have an hour.
Me: Sure, So long as you give me the tapes and flash disks
Kelsey: The Money. Or else your ruined.

1 hour ago.

I walk out of the hotel and head out for some fresh air. After a few consultation here and there, I had the money and headed back to the hotel where i would hand over the cash to Kelsey and her cronies.

Kelsey directed me to where I’d find her. I reached the rendezvous point. But couldn’t find her.

Current Time.

I could ear ambulance sirens from a far. Yeah. I was thrown off the balcony. I couldn’t move. I have multiple bone fractures. I guess I would die anytime. My body was getting cold and numb. I stretched my hands so that I could try and reach for the stars. I want to cry but all my tears have been used up. It’s too late. Lights fade out. Darkness engulfs.

1st Feb 2018

All Saint’s Cathedral.
A mass service is being conducted for Lewa.
His casket is in front of the church.
Pastor: And from dust we shall come and from dust we shall return.
Congregation: Amen.
Pastor: May the Lord accept his soul and forgive him his sins.
Congregation: May the Lord open the gates of heaven and St. Peter welcome him.
And the coffin lid lifts slowly open.


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