R for Raphael

NB: This is purely a work of fiction. I wrote this story sometimes back early this year on Wattpad and decided to give it a shot in this little heaven we have here. Neither do I intend to rub the religious people the wrong way Nor do I intend to be blasphemous . I do still believe in God as the supreme being.

Order and morality vanished into the chaos. There was a huge war up in heaven above. Truth is that most people and humans think that God won the war. People think that father lives in the skies. They often think that he allows certain things to happen in case they could not massage his huge ego. A god who just stays high up above the clouds and looks away when his children are suffering from floods, locusts, famine, and wars. But that is not the truth. Whatever human beings know, then it is far from what they’ll ever grasp.

You see when an archangel dies, there is neither heaven nor hell for them. There is no form of purgatory that his soul would go through. I got wind of the word that Michael finally lost it.  An archangel killing himself. His death does not help matters at all. Gabriel surely must be devastated. Michael was his close compadre. They were fathers, favorite children. Everyone has been duped to believe that Lucifer and his cronies were cast out of heaven. But it was the other way round. Lucifer cast us out. The main major reason for the war was that Lucifer refused to bow down to bin-Adam.

We celestial beings are made from fire, while bin-Adam is made of clay. Lucifer managed to convince other angels to riot against what God had told them to do. Most angels agreed with his notions. Since when did clay become superior to fire? A war was waged between God and Lucifer.  In the end, Lucifer overwhelmed us.

Yahweh together with his children were cast out of heaven and thrown into the dungeons. Michael is now dead. I have no idea how father feels. The anguish that one of his children committed suicide after thousands of years of tears and gnashing of teeth. I doubt if Gabriel would have the strength to look at my face. How would one feel when they are deep down in the furthest pits with their father? Father is the source of all life. Maybe perhaps he is on the verge of giving up.

I have no idea of Uriel’s whereabouts. Whether he is dead or alive. The last time I checked on him he was given the task to protect the garden of Eden with all he had left. So who am I that I know so much about what is happening and yet you do not know about me?

My name is Raphael and no one has heard from me in a million years. Neither Lucifer nor God knows about my whereabouts.

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