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Before the war, the disagreements, and the fallouts, father was very lonely. Earth was just void and his spirit flowed above the waters. He created us; we celestial beings and we, in turn, watched him transform earth into something magical. It was green and had a vast flora and fauna. But with all that he was still lonely.

We angels did not come through the reproduction process. We are just fully formed. We were proud in every way and we only worshipped God who was the primary source of life. What humans don’t know was that there were other races of lives that had happened before them. Elves, trolls, dwarfs, dragons (one of the wisest creatures), fey (fairies), pixies and then them. 

Problems arose when Yahweh said, “let us make man into our own image.” This never sat well with Lucifer. He was the morning star. Well truth be told, Lucifer was a class A asshole. He was the life of a party. He knew how to hype things up. We always looked forward to the praise and worship. And boy, could he play the instruments. He was a maestro. He was the ladies’ man. Ladies would trip and fall for him, but Lucifer was never interested in them. He only flirted with them rather casually.

The war never happened abruptly as people think. It was a well orchestrated move. And when Lucifer and his cronies struck, we were taken aback. Michael was caught by surprise. Lucifer used that advantage to overpower him. Lucifer was sly and cunning. Gabriel was thrown in a dungeon in between father and Michael. The war raged on for six days and six nights. Six has never been a holy number. On the seventh day, the usurper Lucifer occupied the throne.

I escaped the pearly gates on the fifth day, I knew I was no match for them. If Michael was defeated, who was I to stand by? It was either fight or flight. You must think I’m a coward for this. But wouldn’t it be a much worse torment if all of us were captured and bundled in one pile while Lucifer morning star plundered both heaven and earth? 

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