R for Raphael (3) – Mockery.

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One of the Dark pits,

God’s diary.

Lucifer: Hello father

Yahweh: What brings you down here?

Lucifer: Is it wrong for a child to visit his father?

Yahweh: What is it that you want?

Lucifer: It is lonely up there. I’d send my guys down to earth to scout for me a beautiful woman.

Yahweh: That is an abomination Lucifer. I will strangle and punish you for this. 

Lucifer: And what will you do in when you are in such a precarious position?

Yahweh: Wait till I lay my hands on you.

Lucifer: How do you intend to escape?

Yahweh kept quiet. Lucifer would always pay him a visit and torment him with his words. He knew it would be a mistake if he entered the jails. Father made peace with that he would never reclaim the throne. That long ceased to ache in his heart. But today Lucifer crossed his boundaries. There was a sacred rule all angels were bound to; that was no angel should have intimate relations with bin-Adam. We were holy. We were supposed to remain pure in heart and spirit. 

Bin-Adam had grown tremendously in numbers and the angels from above time to time always lusted after them. Beautiful daughters of Eve walked the face of the earth, and they drove both men and angels crazy. 

The cronies of Lucifer gathered up and called a meeting.

Angel 1: Fellow comrades, why don’t we go down and choose for ourselves wives?

Angel 2: I asked Lucifer and he said that it was fine. We should scout for him a wife.

Angel 3: I think we should go down to earth and find our answers. 

Other angels: Yes we should go and get ourselves women for wives. It id a bit lonely over here. 

Lucifer went down to the dungeons again and told Yahweh of his improvised plan. He wanted to feel the warmth of a woman. and the woman he targeted was Eve. This act and deed angered father. Father together with a few other angels rebelled, but the rebellion was quickly quashed.

Azazel. Turel, Ramuel, Semjaza, and two hundred others descended from heaven down to earth. The sky that night was lit with meteorites and shooting stars. I knew they were not ordinary shooting stars. The earth was filled to the brim with strange celestial energies. Bin-Adam could not have noticed. I noticed the strange phenomena, This was due to the wound which had long healed and was now a scar. It brought immense pain to me. To manage to survive I had to retract my once beautiful wings to my back. I disguised myself and took the role of a man who did menial labors just to get by. 

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