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A month had lapsed since Francesca’s visit to the oracle. It was her first time to visit the shrine and meet the high priestess Ezukwo. She had hoped that the visit would bring forth good tidings and have a glimpse of the future. But the future did not seem bleak for her. She was disappointed when the oracle told her that most of her family would be scattered. A great calamity would fall on the family. Her daughters would sire girls. It would take time for them to be re-united. A son would be born into the family. The son would be born out of wedlock. The rest of the prophecy seemed to pass her in a blur.

Marilyn conversed with Ezukwo in an ancient language that  Francesca could not fathom. She clearly did not want her problems to be known. She never trusted Francesca. She perceived her friend to be a rumor monger. She never trusted anyone with her problems. Francesca could tell that Marilyn frequented the oracle on a regular basis. None of the prophecies Ezukwo had blabbered about came true.

Francesca stood at the balcony of her house admiring the landscapes in her compound. She marveled at the car she drove. The night monsoon wind blew across. The air was slightly chilly tonight. She still had her own worries and insecurities. From an outward view, one would have thought that she’d made it in life. But deep down she had her own personal struggles. She was never a believer when it came to matters of religion. She thought about her son Akala as she sipped her wine. She loved her son to bits. But he was rebellious just like his father. This usually irked her a lot.

The real true reason why she went to the oracle was to foresee her son’s future. Francesca was startled from her thoughts by her ringing phone.


“Hallo, Mrs. Francesca Kudzu. I am calling from the University General Hospital located in the heart of the city to inform you that your daughter Mrs. Nneka has sustained serious injuries and she is in a critical condition.”

“What of my son?”

“The other male occupant she was with in the vehicle died on the spot.”

For a moment the line was silent on both ends. Heavy breathing could be heard from her.

“Take heart ma. God is in control.” The voice at the other end said.

“I’ll be on my way.” She said.

“Had the prophecy began?” Francesca thought in her head.

“God please let  my son be alive, please God.” She wailed.

Her phone beeped again. It was a message from Marilyn.

“Switch on the television to watch the breaking news. There was a shootout that happened not less than two hours ago. It’s almost on all major news channel.”

Francesca switched on the television and listened to the news. She became happy when she learnt that it was not her son who died in the terrible shootout that had occurred. Another challenge rose up when it was evident that perhaps Nneka was involved in an extramarital affair with the deceased guy. This would cause damage to her reputation and her son’s. She would not wait but would have to drive all the way to the city. Who could have been behind the hit and run incident?

She picked her phone which constantly came alive each time a message buzzed through. She did not bother checking the contents of the text messages. She dialed her son’s number and called. Her calls went unanswered time each time. She wondered where he was, and why on earth was he not picking her calls especially after such a tragedy had happened. She was worried if something had happened to him. All the things she did was because she wanted the best of him. She did all those so that he could not end up and turn to his father’s ways.

Each effort she made to consolidate her love for him seemed to push him further away from her. He resented her forcing him to marry Nneka. In her own eyes she was worried that Akala would not make any proper investment. He was instead blowing his money on living the fast lane of alcohol and women. It was her desire to get him settled. What would be a better way than to have Akala marry a girl that had good morals?

She finally got the hint that perhaps Akala was on his way to the hospital, or maybe he was just as distressed as she was. She called her daughter Ophelia to enquire on what happened. Ophelia took a while before she picked her phone.

Francesca: Hello my daughter. How have you been?

Ophelia: I have been okay mama.

Francesca: Have you gotten word of what happened to Nneka?

Ophelia: Yes mother, it is very saddening.

Francesca: I tried calling your brother but he is not picking his phone. Is he home? Has he gotten wind of what happened to my daughter in law?

Ophelia: I should have figured out you called to know the whereabouts of your wayward son mother. He is not home. I’ll pass your regards when he reaches home. In the meanwhile I have to head out to the hospital and check on Nneka’s condition mother.

Francesca: I’ll be on my way now. We will meet at the hospital and see how we can contain this story and let it not blow out of proportion.

Ophelia: It is late mother.

Francesca: See you in the hospital.

There was an eerie silence that fell in Francesca’s living room. There were a lot of theories and conspiracies that were a possible reality. She was worried that perhaps death would knock on her homestead. She was worried that the so called happiness she pursued so much had turned into something tragic.

Francesca took her car keys and got into the car. She would drive through the night just to be next to her daughter in-law. She realized that she loved Nneka more than she loved Ophelia.

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