Have you ever felt like you putting effort and at times you think that it’s not worth it? And that you’d rather be comfortable and let the ship sink? Do you seem to get tired of all the hullabaloos that keep draining you physically, emotionally, and mentally? At times you’d tend to say, “ah, si the phone works both ways? Why should you be the one doing the calling and checking up?” So you do what seems logical to you at that time, you wait and see. Hours turns into a day, into three more, and before you comprehend a week has passed.

You have been both reduced to viewing each other’s statuses on that green app. You call and try to tell your significant party in the predicament you both in but your calls are usually declined. The conversations have become dry as the Sahel. You push on, trying to assess the situation but deep down you are tired. You want to scream your lungs out, to throw caution out of the wind.

When that text finally comes you already know how it’d end. The normal Hey, Hi, I’m good and then the infamous blueticks would once again rear its ugly head. The sound of the door bell brings you back to your reality. You stride across the living room which has nothing fancy apart from a huge curved OLED, customised rig, and a console. Apart for the sofa bed that you greatly adore. Everything else reminds you of your significant other. You go and open the door and come back with a package that has whiskey, and some soda water. You fish a glass from the kitchen cabinet and go back to the living room.

You know you shouldn’t be reminiscin’ drinking and missing all those accomplices and escapades. It’s a bit late, you contemplate on calling but instead you power the machine on. The RGB colors bring you to life, knowing that you’d stay up all night. You wonder where both of you would be if you both passed out with consoles in hand while in a post coital position.

You wonder what happens now that you in different states and cities. If you hadn’t considered moving to another country for the limelight. If you would not have to wonder what would’ve been like if only you got that communication part right for the first time. If you never went home, and that the sun never rose, you’d still be together. But that’s not how it goes for your case. The same communication thing has been like an old song to you. You want to see the sun, you don’t just want to live for the weekend.

You come to the realization that “How we come to relationships with people we actually like is all about communication. We fly so close but lose so much in translation. If you miss one strand – one sentence – the whole dynamic changes. Communication isn’t a privilege in relationships, it is its lifeline. Lose it, lose out.”

For now? You’re comfortable watching the events fold systematically as the ship sinks.

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