Politics, God, and Bread


Religion and poverty always have a strong connection. Apart from Africa, even in Europe and America, the result is pretty much the same. My case is that the poor man needs religion. I condemn the effortless tumult of nihilism which confounds piety with ignorance among the less privileged. Bread is a constant factor in a poor man’s life. It plays a very crucial role.

A man’s primary goal is to survive from the moment he is born. He is propelled by natural instincts, this happens by him looking up to his providers for bread. In some cases he gets, and others he lacks. Being born from a poor background, he hardly gets any bread. The first strike, his immediate family fails him.

Silently, the poor man treks on. He has now grown into an adult. It is an election year. He has seen the campaigns and vetted his prominent country. He believes in a good government. A government that works for its people. The government would assuage his hunger. He does the most natural thing to do. He votes for the guy who promises him more bread. A few months pass after the election, the poor man is optimistic and hopeful. Such hope makes him discover that the guy he voted for ate all the bread once he ascended into power. Nothing is left for the destitute. The second strike, the government fails him.

Hunger is gnawing, he has to find a way to live. This leads him to throw himself at the mercy of fellow men. Both men and women poke his eyes with their well-manicured fingernails. They look down upon him. At times they step, kick, and spit on him. With their mouths full of bread they tell him, “next time vote with your brain.” He is devastated and taken apart. Third strike, man fails him. All his realities disappointed him.

One does not choose to be born poor. All his dashes of realism fell to the ground. He does what any sane person would do, to seek out a mythical existence that promises him of a better tomorrow than he has. Hence his piety and creed. The poor man does not embrace religion because he is stupid. Nope. It is because he wants to believe that life will be better and that his life has meaning. He dies with religion for the same reason we find an excuse to drown ourselves in copious amounts of whiskey and being pathological cannabis carriers. The main reason is to escape harsh realities.

Since he cannot get bread from the government and fellow men, then he must get it elsewhere. He trudges on forward. He is ready to rock the currents smashing on the side of his dhow. He sails into the indescribable future, into the bakery promised by figments of the imagination – away from the punishing reality. The poor man is not stupid. He is surviving. Man’s basic instinct.

The poor man’s religiosity is juggled in between God, politics, and bread.

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