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Panic washed over Francesca’s face. She was mumbling inaudible things to herself. Ophelia seemed to have a far flung look that went yonder beyond the hospital walls. She seemed a bit distracted. The quiet soft spoken lass was in a foul mood. Not even Akala could apprehend it. The police were busy arguing with Akala. They were trying to pin him with the incident that had occurred.

For a second Francesca wished that all the bickering would stop. Did they not have respect when her daughter was lying in a hospital bed surrounded by nurses and doctors trying to save her life? She wondered who the other woman was. She looked familiar. From her perspective it seemed like she was well acquainted to her son.

Francesca ordered every single person to hush down their vices. The police were convinced that Akala was behind the murder of Mr. Ahmadi Mbalo and the conspiracy to murder his wife Mrs. Nneka Kudzu. Akala had to become a guest of the state. How did things turn around so badly for him? The officers handcuffed Akala and called their colleagues to come pick Akala up.

“Excuse me officer, before you take him anywhere. I was with the accused at the time when the incidence occurred. The accused had come to my office for his weekly therapy session.” Artemina said.

Police 1: And who are you madam?

Police 2: You think you can come talk to us the way you want with your polished English?

Police 3: Madam, do not bother your time with this scumbag. He probably decided to shoot the Mogul’s son. He discovered his wife was cheating with the son of the man who has long papers.

Artemina: I’m Dr. Artemina Miles. His councilor and psychologist. Also head of the National Board of Psychologists in our country.

Police 2: Sorry madam. We did not recognize who you are. But this man is a guest of the state.

Police 1: How are we supposed to know that your claims of the said so persona is real?

Police 3: Leave her alone. I believe what she says.

Police 1: It would be wise if she shows us her documents.

Artemina handed the police officers her driver’s license and business card.

Police 2: They seem genuine enough.

Francesca could not believe that her son was being taken into custody. She shuddered to whatever would happen to him. She could not accompany him yet leave Nneka alone. Nneka was an orphan and she had nowhere else to turn to. Ophelia looked composed despite her foul mood.

Artemina: At least let me accompany him to whichever station he’d be taken to and stay with him until his lawyer arrives.

Akala: Doctor please, don’t worry about me I’ll be fine. Do not go looking for all that trouble. I’ll prove to the courts that I am innocent.

Francesca: Akala, why do you want to kill me my son? What were you doing with this woman at that time of the night? If you had been home with Nneka, none of this would have happened.

Akala: I’m I supposed to tell you wherever I go mother? Since when was it your business to poke your nose into my affairs? You should have married her instead.

Francesca walked up to Akala and looked at him squarely in the face and she punched and slapped him. Akala felt a ringing sensation in his ears. He spit out blood from his upper cut lip. He looked at her with murderous eyes.

Police 3: You can come madam with us and stay with your guy until his lawyer arrives. He has the right to remain silent. Everything he says would be used against him in the court of law. Artemina followed the police officers as they whisked Akala away. He was bundled into a waiting van outside the hospital lobby.

Ophelia was wild with rage. She wanted to run away before everything could be traced back to her. But if she skipped town, that would arouse suspicion. Many people were keenly following. They wanted to know every detail. Would the perpetrator be brought to justice or would this new developing case just disappear without a trace. She knew that her mother never seemed to care about anyone else apart from her own selfish desires. Yet she found comfort in Nneka. She felt sorry that her brother Akala had to bare the burdens of her sin.

Etienne could not be found. She learnt that through her close pal Shirley. Shirley was Etienne’s childhood sweetheart. She knew everything about him. She was attracted to him by his bad boy charm and unscrupulous nature. Etienne the man who organized the shooting had skipped town along with his cronies. Within a matter of hours everyone who was involved was going under the radar.


Artemina followed the van up to the police station. The officers mocked him and called him sinister sarcastic names. The atmosphere was heavy with malice. They booked him for murder and attempted conspiracy of murder. He was placed in solitary confinement. Cops took turns to visit the guest of state. Artemina could do nothing apart from pacing up and down within the lobby. She asked and begged to see Akala but none heard her plight.

Three hours had passed since she arrived at the station. Occasionally she could hear his cries as they battered him relentlessly. Akala had not uttered a single word to them. Only his cries could be heard as they jeered at him.

Artemina: Please officer, let me see him before I leave.

Police 3: You can leave something small so that I can escort you to your patient doctor. He would need your services after this.

Artemina was led down the cells by the police officer after she had parted with some token of security. She hated it. She was saddened by how the security was rotten and corrupt to the very core. The cells were filthy and had a pungent smell. Men jeered at her as she walked through the cells. Women sneered and called her names. She eventually reached the solitary confinement where Akala was held.

His face looked bloodied. His lips were swollen and one eye was half shut. She wanted to scream and run. He was not the handsome man that had swept her away. He was rather a different sight. She felt sad and pity towards him. She was drawn to his sadness. She was certainly attracted to the battles that ran within his psychological beg. It was only her who could walk his path.

Artemina: Akala baby. Please look at me. It would be fine. I will get you out of here.

Akala: Call my lawyer.

And his eyes shut close as his head dropped low. He drifted back to that afternoon where the doctor begged him to stay. When she let him into her world. For a moment he got to see the world in her perspective. Their souls intertwined and felt connected to her with every thrust he gave her. And with every thrust she moaned deeply from her heart. When they lay naked side by side on the heavily carpeted floor only to cover themselves with a flimsy piece of sheet. How she lay her head on his chest and stroked the hairs on his chest lightly with her fingers. Nothing else mattered. He was at peace.

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