One Me Two Hearts – (Part Two).


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254 Volkan.

30th May 2023

Tetu Township.

A nice Friday evening. The sunset was beautiful. The sky across was splashed with orange colours. I removed my phone and captured few shots of the moment. A cool breeze blew as I was still gazing at the sun as it said goodbye to the earth. A few stars had shown up. Darkness would soon creep in.

I hated the dark. Chao had my man cave radiating with her aura and personality. Her perfume still lingered across the room. Its been almost a week since she last came to my place. I didn’t even take her contacts. How lame could I be? She played cheeky games with me.

A perfect evening to chill and relax with some Netflix series. She wouldn’t come. Thrice she turned down my invitation. Perhaps I was rushing things a little?

June 1st 2023


Mama Mboga’s Kiosk.

Mama Chao: Kudumbue mbogha, mndu wa womi wako uchagha showa rake. Onikabia. Na kuwike avocado iwi. (Chop the veggies, your husband will come pick them up. He called. And don’t forget to add two avocados on his items.)

Chao: Hai! Mao, uja sio mnduapo wungi, isi deka waghenyi tu (Noo! Mum, he is not my husband, we are merely friends) hata simmanyagha shuu Nadamwona ukichagha lumalakenyi karibia kila ituku. (I don’t even know him much I just see him coming almost every evening).

Mama Chao: Ni customer wapo. Oka na ngolo ielee shuu na ishima. Sena ni kama wakukunde, kama oko dapoilwa shuu. (He’s my customer. He has a good heart and he’s full of respect. Plus I think he likes you, when you are around he is very joyful.)

Chao: Wele kumanya wada na ndeukawia? (How do you know all that and yet he never stays for long?)

Mama Chao: Kumanye niidie uwai. (You should know I was once a young girl).

Chao: Kwani mdezoea na apa wuruwo? (Is that how you started off with dad?)

Mama Chao: Sigha malagho pacha, kwamkunde angu ni wada? (Stop having too much to ponder on, do you like him?)

Chao: Useketajwa, wafumirikia, leka nikadumbue mbogha shoa. (He can’t be mentioned, there he is coming, let me go and chop the veggies quickly.)


Me: Kwasinda Anguo? (Has your day been well?)

Mama Chao: Nasinda pinana mdawana wapo. (My day has been good my son.)

Chao: Hi. I was even preparing your veggies for you. I’m just about done with them.

Me: I am good, just tired. Let me wait for them then, so I won’t have to walk back.

Mama Chao: (looking at Chao) Young man I told you to marry, life will be easier when you have a helper.
Chao blushes and pretends to be very busy chopping, I notice the gesture but I brush it off.

Me: Girls these days are so complicated and demand a lot, my life will only get harder if I marry.

Mama Chao: (Laughing) I see you with the wrong girls, those who wear the flashy clothes and put on expensive hairstyles. You should change your group and you will know there are good girls.

I nodded in return , I got her message and laughed it off. Chao looked abit startled. She couldn’t openly flirt around when her mother was present. Damn. She has a weird parent. Besides why did Mama Chao have to insist about marriage or at least settling down. But it is a small town where everyone knows everybody. I hadn’t flirted around with women from that township.

June 10th 2023.

I hate chilly weather. I have never been a fan of it. I wake up, look outside, and think to myself, “all vehicles must have bust their gaskets because of all the fog.” All my friends are all cuddled up with their missus at their cribs. I’m just here in bed with my laptop, watching Cobra Kai with a pot full of spaghetti and some mince meat stew and avocado. Tasty combination it is, don’t look so surprised, I had to cook since I woke up, which was past 11am.

It seems I won’t be going anywhere today as it is also drizzling relentlessly. I am not even in a hurry to have a shower nor do the dishes because water was now my enemy. I get up from bed, walk to the sink and dump the pot I had just finished eating from. I hurry back to bed and put on my earphones to continue with the movie. I heard a knock, “who could that be?” I thought to myself as I hurriedly put on my sandals and head to the door thinking it may be one of my good friends with a plan. Maybe even Chao!

I open up the door with a smile on my face only for it to wiped off by the hoarse voice of the caretaker.

Caretaker: Kijana hujaniletea receipt ya huu mwezi, ndio nimekujia. (Young lad, you haven’t brought me this month’s receipt.)

Me: (not amused) sawa wacha nikuletee. (Okay, let me bring it.)

I go and fumble on the tv trolley and see the receipt. I hand it over to him and close the door then head back to bed. My good spirits ruined, what do I do now? I decide to be brave and head out. Maybe a walk would have kept me warm. I took a quick shower and changed. Then headed to my friend Dan’s house. I will have to pass by mama mboga’s kiosk, perhaps that will give me an excuse to check whether chao is alone, being a Saturday and a market day. Her mother may have gone to the market leaving her incharge. Which is a good thing for me. As I pass by the kiosk, I peep and see no one there. I didn’t mull over it as I proceeded to Dan’s house.

Damn road is full of mud and potholes! This ninja should move to a place near the tarmacked road where the path is way better. I get over there and I ask him if he has any plans. He tells me hana form but maybe later if the weather clears we could go hiking at the forest and maybe have a splash at the waterfalls. Sounded like a good plan. Nature has a way to calm someone, makes you forget the hustles of life for a while. Joints too are considered part of nature since they are plants.

It is now almost lunch time and I tell Dan we can head back to my place and make some ugali with pork then if the weather clears we can go out. We pass by the kiosk again and to my delight, Chao is there.

Me: Hey there.

Dan: Mambo. (Hey)

Chao: Poa sana. Are you from digging the farm? You have so much mud on your shoes.

Me: Ah! It is this guy who lives in the diaspora, he should move to our flat where it is a bit more civilised.

Dan is not amused at us making fun of him. He goes to buy the meat and I remain behind.

Me: I passed by sometime ago and I didn’t see you.

Chao: I was around, maybe you didn’t look well enough.

Me: Hahaha, I did look and I didn’t see you. Anyway I wanted some onions and tomatoes, some ginger too.

Chao: What else?

Me: That’s about it. Oh! I don’t have your phone number, (taking out my phone from my pocket and giving it to her to dial her number).

Chao: (Hesitates a bit) Why do you want my number and yet you see me here everyday?

Me: Don’t be stubborn, I might have an emergency and I may need to call you urgently.
Chao: (Laughing) So now I have become your emergency services?

Me: (Laughing too) Not how you put it. Anyway what are you upto this afternoon?

Chao: Nothing much, got anything fun? I’m pretty bored. I’d use a little distraction.

Me: Actually yes, when the sun comes out a bit we had a planned to go for a hike up the forest track to the waterfall and possibly have a splash, would you like to come?

Chao: Sure I would, but only if my mom will have come back since I can’t close the kiosk.

Me: Then why don’t you give me your number so that I can call to find out if you will or won’t be able to go.

Chao: You are a cheeky guy, you don’t give up easily.

Me: Not when there is something worth it.

Chao: Blah blah! You just go, look your friend is waiting for you. You’ll let me know.

Me: Okay, later.

I head home with Dan and we have a good lunch.

I later call Chao and she comes with us to the trail, Dan comes along with Mercy his missus and then me and Chao.


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