One Me Two Hearts – (Part 3)

One Me Two Hearts - (Part 3)
Image courtesy: Audrey Nashpei

The Birds, butterflies, lizards, frogs, squirrels and the occasional monkey swinging from tree to tree. The forest is such a serene place to be at. It is quite a walk so we get to the waterfall panting. We set up a picnic and sit down to have some juice, mixed of course.

Dan and his girl were by the water with their feet in the water. I asked Chao to follow me across the stream so that we could go to the top of the waterfall.

Chao: Beautiful view up here.

Me: Yes a very relaxing place for hanging out, you can actually see our hood from here (moving to the edge of the trees) There is the ACK church, and the primary school. There is your mom’s kiosk.

Chao: Wow! This is awesome, I have never been here actually, never had the time to come really.

Me: It is a very romantic getaway, (I look at her)

Chao: (As she walks away towards the picnic) Yes, a couple can really enjoy spending time here together.

A gale had started blowing and it was getting a bit cold, but we didn’t come all this way to miss the sunset. As the sun goes down, the country turns orange and the glow is just mesmerizing. It captures the beauty of the land and really shows the outline of the trees on the horizon. I pull Chao close as she seems to be shivering from the breeze, the little thing she wore as a sweater was clearly not enough, but she looked good, freeze and shine I guess. I was beginning to like her more because I was just realizing she had a nice personality.  I moved over for a kiss and she was startled at first, but I guess the feeling was mutual because she kissed me back, with the wind howling under the sunset. What a moment, priceless.


As we head back home, the mood is quiet different between me and Chao, we walk hand in hand whispering to each other and laughing occasionally, more playful we are, teasing and chasing each other in some sections of the track. I think we stole the day, even Dan and Mercy could not just believe what happened, we had completely switched off from our surrounding environment. We were in our own world.

By the time we got back to Tetu, I had given her my jacket to wear, masaibu ya boychild, but hey! The warmth from the whiskey mixed in the juice kept me going.

Now back to reality, we met with a very cross mama Chao at the kiosk, apparently Chao had not really said where she was headed to and how long she was to stay. I felt like bolting, that is always the first instinct, but I gathered confidence and we went on.

Me: Kwasinda Mao?

Mama Chao: (Looking at Chao) Where have you been all this time? I thought you were only going briefly then coming back, look it is already dark I was worried something bad had happened, and no one has cooked yet! Can you get into the kitchen and do the necessary!

Chao: We were waiting to see the sunset mom, it is a waste to go all that way and not see it. I’m sorry. And anyway I was with(jina ya jamaa hapa ni?) so I was not worried at all.

Mama Chao: Koko na msarigho shuu, hebu fuma. (Looking at me) Why don’t you come in and have supper with us, since I know you will just go and sleep hungry.

I was flattered and skeptical at the same time, these mothers are like the government, they know everything, rather smell, I’m sure she was already aware of what had happened between us.

I accepted her request and walked in leaving her at the kiosk thankfully and Chao was there grinning like she had won the shabiki jackpot. But I was in foreign territory so I was treading with caution. Went and sat on the sofa so stiffly, as if I was on a bodaboda trying to stop inertial forces from making me topple over. Chao came and tried dragging me to the kitchen with her but I had none of that and resisted.

The meal was ready. Mama Chao asked question after question. What my plans were, if I was the type of guy who doesn’t play kolokol with womens hearts. If I’d take care of her daughter et cetera. None of that mattered to me at that point. The food smelled well. Tasty it was. I wasn’t paying any attention. I talked less lest she catches a whiff of my whiskey scented breath.

Why did I have to smell like a brewery despite my cologne putting its best appearance in masking? Chao had been giggly all along. She is pretty. Gorgeous is the word. Chao had noticed my discomfort while we were eating. I had to put my best manners to the table. Her mother left us and went to the kitchen.

Chao comes and seats next to me and she says, “take it easy, mama ia not mad at you for bringing me home late. She has a weird way of showimg affection. She likes you. And she is okay with us being together.”

“What of my scent? Too much heff perhaps?” I asked. She gave me a sly smile. Cunning she was. Chao’s mother came back with a tray full of avocados much to my delight. The heavens above were smiling to me below. My heart felt at ease. All worries melted away.

You can’t have avocados and be sad, can you?

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