One Foot Out.

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Nneka has the power to make men fall and would act as if it was not her fault. She knows that she is married. Lately she has been playing too many games. It has been peaceful in this house. A peace which has a deathly eerie silence. I think she has found someone else who makes her giggle like a silly little girl. She stares at her phone for too long these days. She would lock herself in the room and talk for endless eons. She would take pictures of herself and post them to whoever is on the other end of the receiving screen. Her dress code has greatly improved. She ditched those dab grey suits of hers. Her wardrobe must be full of surprising colours. She looks good, her hair looks good too. I wish I’d have such hair. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve never been friends with my sister in law. I’ve never got to know her side of the family. I only know that she has a sister. The rest of the details are bleak and distorted.

I wonder if brother had noticed the sudden change in his wife. Lately Nneka had been going out and coming home late. At times reeking of alcohol. A certain car drops her a few blocks away from home then she walks. She seldom uses her car these days. She’s been overly nice and not the snake she used to be. I guess she knows that I know there is someone else in the picture. Her desperate attempts to be wanted and to feel loved has pushed her to the arms of another man while brother turned his ways to the Lord. I wonder how long he’d last before he goes back to his queer ways with open arms. The world loves him and would take him back wholeheartedly. She masks her presence and aura well when he’s home. I highly doubt if brother suspects a thing. I see alot but I do not have the courage to meddle in to one’s affairs despite my frenemity with Nneka.
Two days ago I saw her going out without her wedding band. Does she feel okay without it? Is she advertising herself that she is ready to mingle? Her fights with brother have deescalated to zero.

I wonder if it is okay for her to run around collecting a jar of hearts with such reckless passion. I saw that look in her eyes when she was on those long phone calls of hers. The look that burns with desire and lust. The one that dissolves everything and only you remain. I guess the man behind the screen has believed that she’s completely surrendered to his whims.

He thinks he’s the captain of her ship. The true captain of the ship has been trying to steer the ship out of a rough a storm and murky wild waters. I must applaud Nneka for blowimg the sails to go off in a different direction. She’s like a siren leading one under. The problem is brother never fell for the little mermaid. Despite his recent efforts of making things try to work, I’m doubtful if things will go his way. 

It tortures my young soul to think of that man who is not my brother being close to Nneka. I cringe at every thought of her kissing him, doing things which I might not fathom. I feel annoyed and disgusted. I do not know if it is the thought of him being with her or him dropping her so close to her marital house. I haven’t yet smelled him on her. And if I might I’m afraid that essence would turn into a sickening gratification. Her skin seems normal. It has not had that glowing feeling for a while. Like every happy couple, you know things are right if the madams skin is glowing.

Why am I concerned with what’s going on in their marriage or affairs? Brother has never been faithful. But he has had a change of heart.


She’s home early today. It’s unusual of her to be home this early. She takes out two glasses from the kitchen rack and comes to the dining room where I was still working on my school project. She placed them on the table and went back to the kitchen and opened the other mini fridge which stores liquor and took out a bottle of wine. She poured the drink on both glasses. I was still contemplating if I should have a drink or not. My mind is already wired and my throat longs for the tingly sensation brought by white wine. She looks at me for a while then she goes to her room. She changes in to a crop top and yoga pants. She comes out holding a packet of cigarettes.

She is sitting opposite facing me. She lights up a cigarette and blows smoke in circles. She’s a pro this one. She seats takes her sip of wine then she looks at me again. This time I feel uneasy. So I shift a little in my sit, feeling edgy. I break up the silence by asking how her day was and she says, “I love your brother too much Ophelia. But everything always has its limits. Even if you and I don’t see eye to eye; we are both women. Akala has pushed me and ignored me for long. I don’t think I can take that any more. I can’t be in love with someone who doesn’t love me back. I’m tired of all the fights and bickering. I’m tired of being at the bottom of every abyss and pit. For once in the past few weeks, I felt what was love. How it felt to be loved again.”

“Why don’t you try and work it out with brother? I know I’m not supposed to say this but your marriage is at stake.” I told Nneka.

“I already have one foot out of the door Ophelia.” She said.

Her phone rang, she picked it up and looked at the screen to check who was calling and immediately that look of desire shot up her face again.

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