October 2nd


I can’t ignore the call. The call to jump ship and move to a small town. It’s not the first time that I have done it. I’m at a crossroad; trying to figure out whether if it’s the green hills and serene lush vegetation that would soothe me or the water flows, and the clouds that pursue the white waves. All this though it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the calling to visit the archipelago islands several kilometers offshore from the Watamu coastline was going to be great. All the necessary arrangements had been made.

0630 Hrs,


Bamburi Mint, (Where the Usherati stretch begins)

I bumped into an old pal Suleiman, the brains behind the brand Captain Peroxide. He was one of the main photographers of the event. It had been eons since we last rendezvoused. We all make those promises with the best intentions that we’d link up but life usually happens. So here was a moment that had perfectly presented itself well enough. Where by you’d still work and also enjoy yourself. We got talking into whole manner of things. From tech to gizmos, anime to manga, cars to sceneries, and many more. We were waiting for Curtis, one of the event organizers. He was running a bit late.

0700 Hrs

Culture Tours is an upcoming event company that threw its weight behind the whole trip to and fro. They had partnered up with Coast Matatu Industry. From the posters to the brochures, and the rates offered, one knew the event was going to be lit.

0710 Hrs

The Swahili people have a saying, “Asubuhi njema huanza na matandiko mema tumboni.”

We had to stack on food before anyone could begin whatever debauchery they had planned. All work and no play makes Omondi Timon a dull boy.

0730 Hrs,

Everyone had arrived, assorted luggages went to their respective vans. Sule and I decided we’d board one of the vans, some two ladies also joined the fray innit. TJ the skater, and Job “pastor” also decided to join us. Plenty of space and the interactions were at maturity. Before we departed a word of prayer was said.

For some reason TJ and I believed in the existence of spirits. It didn’t matter what spirits they’d be since subjugation was about to happen. You could tell the whiskey guys apart from the Gin and wine ones. A few shots and we were good.

0800 Hrs,

We began the journey. I was more keen about taking everything in. The sceneries, and everything. To be with one with everything. To fulfill every second of the unforgiving minute.

1030 Hrs,


This was the second stop over. I wasn’t keen on the first one since I was so engaged in taking shots and random pictures. Writing small notes that would be key pointers when compiling the official travel article on the business side of things. Everyone was chanting the “kila mtu ako na pombe” song. The other reasonable chaps were interested in the historical artifacts that Gede ruins had to offer. The tour took about an hour and a half. There was so much to learn, unpack, and re-learn about the culture of our people.
I loved the coordinations between all the teams which played a role. There was no delay and things went as smooth as possible. The transition from one spot to another was fluid.

1200 Hrs,

Watamu Jetty,

Wale wenye “watu wao” began coupling up at this juncture, then there were people like us. People who came alone and their plastic cups. Cups that were never half full nor empty. It was akin to the saying, “the sea never dries.”

If I wanted company I’d have invited one of those pretty things that always want a weekend getaway. But one girl is never enough. You will see another who you want to take for a trip in Wasini. Another you want to take to Lamu because who wants to experience, the exquisite sea food Manda Island has to offer alone?

But I learnt to keep away, to mind my own business. I didn’t mind solitude. And I was just okay sitting at the bow with whiskey in hand and watch the boat gliding smoothly cutting the waters of the ocean.

1215 Hrs,

We boarded the boat. I went to the upper deck. The view was exhilarating and breathe taking. Felt like I was DJ Khaled in those hip-hop music with arms spread across. We made our way slowly as we passed a few islands. We headed a bit deep sea so that we could get the chance to snorkel with the dolphins and have a good look at the marine life.

And son of the hills wasn’t going to pass that chance to take a dip and swim with the wonderful creatures. The boat also had a transparent glass bottom running almost three quarter way towards the rudder. Half an hour was enough since we still had quite a way to make towards Sudi Island.

There are beautiful women, and then there’s that bale mpya which God took his precious time to craft. Swahili culture, plus the mix of Arabian and Swahili genes brings something dope. Their Swahili dialect differs from us watu wa bara. It was like a symphony. I later did small talk with Barbara and Sly. Everyone took pictures with everyone.

1400 hrs,

Sudi Island,

The waters were cold, the aroma was welcoming. I was damn hungry. There were tons of activities going on. Various groups and people came for different events held on the island. I was to do kayaking for around forty-five minutes. It was something I was looking forward to.

We were spoiled for choice. There was rice with curry that had a dash of coriander leaves, grilled season prawns, lobsters, fish steaks, plenty of fruit salads, roasted octopus, and other sea foods I had no idea of. Don’t be lied when you see my lean frame. Surface area to volume ratio applies when it comes to food.
Later on guys decided to take a walk. I swam a bit and decided to do kayaking.

1600 Hrs,

I was fatigued. It was time to leave the island and head back to the shore. Videos were taken. Glad no ones phone fell into the deep blue. In a funny twist, the ocean decided to have my cap as a souvenir. Something that the waters would remember. I felt that the trip back to the shore was a bit short.

1700 Hrs,

It was good having my toes feel the sand once more. Back to the mainland. There was a buzz of hype before we boarded the vans and proceeded to take a small tour around the coastal town of Watamu. Not much had changed since I was last there. Truth is that I have a spot for cities and towns close to the ocean. Pretty much soon I’ll heed the call. It was a nice trip and experience. I got a few things as souvenirs to take back home.

2100 Hrs,

I alighted the van and bid the others a safe trip back home. It was end of my destination. It was a long wonderful day. Contacts & business cards were exchanged. Acquaintances were made for future references.

Courtesy of Culture Tours, Coast Matatu Industry, Captain Peroxide Photography, and all those who were present. The event was a success. The coordination was top-notch apart from beginning the journey slightly late, everything else was okay. You can get the branded t-shirts of Culture Tours, Coast Matatu Industry, & Amwadeghu at only Kshs 700. The event rates are normally in between Kshs 2500-3500, and you get value for your money.

Culture Tours, and Coast Matatu Industry wants to take people to the little known gems hidden in the coastal areas which have a huge significant meaning in the rich historical culture of the coastal people. Captain Peroxide will capture all those beautiful moments. They say money comes and goes. But not the memories experienced during traveling. So lets go forth and see what our region has to offer.

The next mini event would be at Nguuni National Park. I’m looking forward to seeing what surprises they might pull. Its an event company you have to watch out for.

P/S: Amwadeghu Blog is also accepting support from M-Pesa. 5338319 is the till number. The quills do need ink and the writer thrives on coffee 😝. You can also purchase 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit & Boonies from Maktaba or pay via the above till number also. Go on, make a brethren happy this October.

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    I love the article memories well documented

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      Thanks. I appreciate.

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