Not Good At Good-byes.

Your name is Keith,

Too much pleasure is pain for you. Your girl spites you in vain. All you do is complain. You both need something to change. You both at the edge but none is willing to take that jump off the cliff.

So one night after work, everything be working well for you financially. But not mentally and emotionally, then you decide to fuck it all on that one night. None is going to tell you to shut up. You want to let loose. Let them inner feelings and demons out. “Let me free”,……You hear a voice from deep within. You can’t resist it cause you have no shit against it. You’re like a zombie whenever that voice hits your brainwaves.

You desperately want that voice out of your head. Then you think of her, her voice keeps playing in your head. Your head is like a bedroom to her. You want her out of your bedroom tonight. The main reason was that you recently discovered that you weren’t compatible with her. But there’s no need of leading her on when you both know that whatever you have does not mean jack to you.

You want to be saved from the predicament you’ve got yourself involved with Kylie. You realise that is next to impossible. Cause you want so bad to be saved. You want to tell Kylie goodbye but you’re not good at them either way.

For the past few months both you and Kylie have been acting insane. Your both too stubborn to change your damn ways. You relapsed back to your drinking ways. Drinking old 80’s proof whiskey. You have blood dried underneath your finger nails. Your fingertips look really stained. You look at your hands and remember what you did to get her heart. But you feel beaten at your own game cause she got your heart at the palm of her hands. And your heart feels like a Samsung on her fragile hands.

It turns out it wasn’t your heart nor the Samsung she needed. You wouldn’t both let go of whatever hoax you called a relationship. And you both lost it. Now you feel like a goner. You get mad at that thought at times. Maybe you feel like cutting and slicing Kylie’s love in half. But you got nothing to materialize like a knife. So you can’t just deal with it.

Kylie gets possessive at times. It’s you Keith she feels. Your love to her is filled up like a Barbie doll. Maybe it resembles the Megatron singer? It just got her to be precise. She knows she needs no car to ride your love. She needs no key. She needs no gadgets to be plugged to the charger. Kylie just wants to see that inner side of you. The one that is still a child deep inside. The one that is always unbothered about adult things.

Then you both discover that none wants to go outside. You both want to play things how they are. You have to play it as it is.

You can’t get out Kylie out of your head nor bedroom tonight. Maybe you guys can’t be saved. Maybe none of y’all is good at goodbyes.

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