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There’s a spirit of dance music you can find in her lyrics. The way she sings, her tone, the vocals are just well composed and perfect. That same feeling one gets when their special song plays across the radio. We’ve spoken a lot through the phone from time to time . Couple of calls here and there. It usually feels refreshing after I talk to her. Well you’d have to forgive me, at times her text would feel like I’m deciphering some nuclear codes. Too much errors. But man is to err isn’t it?

It took a couple of months before she agreed to go out on an actual date with me. She never took full pictures. There was mystery and aura around her which was hard to decipher. Whenever I brought up that topic she would brush it off with laughter and say, “relax, you’ll get bored after you’ve seen me.” Despite her many typical errors, a nice sense of humor she had. Something about her nice hazel eyes. Chinese they looked I think. An African beauty from what I can say. Her voice, silky and beautiful, and when she sung it all fell in one place, a symphony.

I was accustomed to her nórm de guerre Alicia.

29th June 2020.


Damn phone been ringing for a while. It’s been a while since I last spoke to Alicia.

Alicia: Hey, what you up-to

Me: Reading the books of old, Achilles and gold, Hercules and his gifts.

Alicia: I never knew you had a thing for legends and myths.

Me: I do read them from time to time.

Alicia: I’m sorry to have kept you waiting about the date. It’s been hectic with the studio recordings.

Me: It’s okay no problem. Do what you do best.

Alicia: Why don’t I make it up to you by coming over to wherever you are?

Me: You’d have to travel for over 300 miles by rail.

Alicia: No problem. Never been to the coastal city anyway.

Me: welcome here anytime.

Alicia: Shit. Did I just say I’m coming all the way? You always have a way to convince me Jimmy.

Me: Would you take the risk?

Alicia: It’s worth the while if it’s for your sake. And just to let you know, I’d totally understand if you’d freak out when you see me at the terminal. I’m used to that.

Me: Why say that?

Alicia: I have a condition that’s why I never take full pictures. There’s something about my lower body which I’m not really proud of.

Me: Tell me, what is it?

Alicia: How can I even put it? One of my leg is a tad shorter than the one. Beckham type. If you get the drift.

Me: Okay, that’s much to ponder on. But I like your personality and your music so i guess it wont be that much of a big deal

Alicia: Hey, can I give you more one surprise?

Me: Sure.

Alicia: I got an SGR ticket for tomorrow coming to coast.

Me: No worries, let me know when you arrive so that I can pick you up.

30th June 2020

Mombasa Terminal


The train was supposed to have arrived. The PA system announces that the train would delay for ten minutes. I had a lot on my mind. How did she look like? She’d walk in with crutches perhaps? Maybe she didn’t look like her pictures? Or maybe it was all a hoax. A prank perhaps? I would have fallen hook, line and sinker if she wouldn’t have traveled.

Fifteen minutes later my phone blinks. There is a whole sea of people flooding out of the train. It does not take long before i figure her out. She was in some nice pink floral top which had a low V neck and a brooch at the end. A nice denim trouser and some Adidas sneakers. Her hair smelled nice. Of lavender cherry, and fruits of the forest. All I know was that she smelt good.

“Aliciiiiiiiiaaaaaaa,” I say beaming up as I spread my arms wide open and leans in for a hug.

“Jiiiimmyyyy, it’s finally nice to meet you.” She said. To be honest, I totally had weird expectations. She wasn’t bad looking either. She was gorgeous, her smile would melt your heart all the way from Cairo to Durban. Her nice lips covered her perfect white small teeth.

We head to the car. Then she said,”Jimmy don’t take pity on me. I have managed so far. So don’t you worry about me. I walk perfectly well without straining that much. Thank God I’m not in a wheel chair.” Hope she had. Her approach and angle in life was positive despite her disability.


Soliani Estate.

She was quiet when we reached my place. It was awkward and weird for both of us.

Me: Some whiskey perhaps?

Alicia: Sure, no problem. Give me a double. Neat.

Me: No worries, I’ll make myself a mojitto.


Alicia: You the first person who hasn’t freaked out after seeing me.

Me: There’s more to a person other than just physical appearance.

Alicia: How much would you want to risk? I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts or some fairy bliss Jimmy. It’s not easy for you to be with someone like me.

Me: I told you Alicia, I’d look beyond the physical nature, and well we’ve done couple of businesses together. I’m not the kind of person that goes with perfection.

Alicia: You making me shy Jimmy. All the others never really cared about my feelings. I love easily, I get blind too quickly. None ever introduced me to their homies, or at-least friends. I never felt that feeling of belonging. It was much more of an indoor affair. Abuses about my physical incapability crushed my self esteem. I put all my pain into music. The violin and piano echoed my pain in symphonies. In my response I shut my heart out from the outer world, but you somehow found a way to melt the walls down.

Me: We are not perfect, but your music touches me in a manner. You reached out to me deep when I stared at the abyss for too long.

Alicia: I want something just like this Jimmy, yes I’ve grown fond over you for a while now.

Me: I want someone I can talk to, someone I can kiss, someone whom I can feel at home and ease with.

Alicia: A step at a time then?

Me: One at a time.

Alicia: To new beginnings. I hope they’d erase those bad memories from the wall.

“Come close love, you talk too much at times,” I said as I kissed her soft tender lips. I cupped her dimpled cheeks in my palms and gazed at those hazel Chinese eyes of hers and told her,”tomorrow Alicia, you’ll meet my friends, we’ll go for a movie, and have whiskey by the sea side.” Soft sweet lips they were. We’ll walk this path together. No more sadness, no more hurt. We’d get away with anything. Let’s show them we are better.

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