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There are two types of sadness. There’s the kind of sadness we ignore and try to get rid of it by finding new things to do, or we find someone to talk to by blatantly avoiding any type of conversation about feeling sad about having any feelings at all. But again, one has to remember that there is nothing stable in human affairs; therefore avoid undue elation in prosperity, or undue depression in adversity.

You try to break love to a science. All in an act of defiance. You both broke each other’s heart. There’s a pull in your conversations that makes both of you grow weary. You broke each other’s resolve.

You have heavy conversations and the only agreement both of you can come to is the only constellations that has you connecting to your souls. To be honest, you’ve just been trying to find meaning to no avail. In all the things you believe in.

But you all have different ways to go. Different paths and analogies. Of all things she says, there’s one of those things that she’d say and will definitely knock you of the ground.

Truth is, finding faith or hope down the telescope is as hard as finding a soul and a heart in a constellation of stars. Everything can be broken down to chemicals but nothing can be explained like a love between two humans.

It’s the way they feel. And to them shit is just real.

You might be optimistic. As obvious of the conclusion off the start. You’d never know, but perhaps it would have just been all for your amusement since love was just an illusion of a hopeless heart. But whatever she says again, knocks you down and leaves you dead.

Perhaps you’d realize there’s some semblance of truth between hope and faith found down that trodden path where it’s not easy finding a soul and a heart in the stars. You understand that everything is real. Not the cocoon you’re used to.

It’s the way you feel, that this is real to you. You can’t explain a love that feels like what you had.

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