Masculinity – The New Age War Frontier

Male privilege coinage is often peddled by rabid feminists and less informed when deluged with the need for approval from their liberated girlfriends, and pursuit of culturally-endorsed validation. Which prior to date is tilted against the man. No critical statistic supports it. 

To embrace masculinity you have to shelve the guilt-trodden idea of male privilege. Statistically and inferentially, men die more and younger. They suffer more bouts of depression, and bear the brunt of police brutality more. Men are more likely to be thrown out by landlord, and comparatively less likely to meet favor. 

In selling the narrative, the Z feminists and their male apologists who for reasons unknown to many are too lazy to see or think – hope to compel change out of men. Which is a valid and worthy course but assumes the approach of overlords to their slaves. This is a tactic well used to shame men into submission. But this approach will always fail because it assumes the external reconditioning of masculinity. Male essence transcending the social veneers. Men do not need liberation movements as the choice of masculinity is always personal. 

The primary definition of masculinity is inherent dignity. Not to have your worth tied to provision. If not tall, or good-looking, you need not be any of those things. To avoid any and all individuals be it a man or a woman who reinforce linearity to demand an egalitarian distribution of effort – be it material or emotion from women. You define it from its source and root. 

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