Little Talks.


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Screams filled the air as Ophelia lay down. Blood trickled down her face. Panic seized Artemina as Jenkins rushed in the hospital to call the nurses. Ophelia still fidgeted as journalists milled around her. Never in Artemina’s life had she seen so much drama. She felt sorry for her. It was a tragic case to have masterminded a case and yet attempting to end her own life. It was the only form of escape. Would there be redemption for Ophelia?

Francesca walked around the hospital to have a clear head. She heard that her son had been wheeled in to the hospital. She was not however prepared to face what lay ahead of her. She went to fetch coffee from the hospital canteen only to find her daughter too being wheeled in. Followed closely by Artemina and Jenkins. Ophelia was taken to the surgical suite as doctors tried to save whatever little was left of her. Her skin was pale.

Francesca broke down. She was tired. This was too much for her. She wished her husband was around to comfort her. She felt sorry and guilty that she drove him away. What would she do now that her son, daughter in-law, and last born were all in a not so good condition?

Her phone was flooding with messages of condolences and quick recoveries. Ophelia was not yet dead. A nurse approached her and told her that Nneka was now in a stable condition and was awake. She went to the intensive care unit. Nneka was awake. She spoke slow and drew in long breaths. Her vitals were slowly responding well. She was out of danger.

She requested for a pen and paper. She put all her thoughts to it and gave her mother in law. Tears streaming down her face.


I’m glad that I’m alive. I saw the other side. It was beautiful. I was happy. I was at peace. It was not yet my time though. I still had other things to set straight. You have always been kind to me. Stood by me when no one else had my back. I want to thank you for that. I know you tried your best to make things work out between your son and I. But there is no point of staying in something that is dead. I will sign the divorce papers that he wanted so bad. I’m not worried about property mama. What matters is that I am happy. We will have to go our separate ways once I fully regain my health.

I forgive Ophelia. She was the only one who knew that I fell out of love with Akala. I tried so hard. I cannot force myself to be loved when his heart is with someone else. The person who died made me feel things I had not felt in a long time mother. She made me feel like a little girl. He brought out the emotions I had been longing to feel.

I’m sorry I could not give both of you a child. I forgive him for neglecting me. I want to be free mother. I want to get rid of this ramshackle thing called marriage. We were married traditionally. But I had to make it official with him at the attorney’s. It was a private affair. He was mad at it. I know he has been spending time with that woman whom he calls his doctor. She is beautiful I can tell. I want him to be happy. His heart is content with her.

This is the end of our road mother. It is where we part ways. I wish it would have been in a much more proper manner. You’ll still remain to be my mother. You took care of me well. I can see the same love you have for your children is the same one that you have for me in your eyes. It is well.”

Tears streamed down Francesca’s face. It was clear everything she held for so long was falling apart.

“I understand you Nneka. It is well. I set you free. Go be happy my child. Have some rest now.”

She wanted Nneka to be happy. Happiness comes from within. Nneka had achieved that self-realization.


Akala woke up to the strong whiff of the hospital’s scent. Bright white lights welcomed him as he opened his eyes. He thought he was in heaven at first. Then he had the nurse’s voice asking if he was okay. He remembered the beating he had gotten as a welcome ceremony at the station. His face was still swollen. He requested one of the officers guarding him to switch on the television that hang above. He was shocked when he saw the news.

“It can’t be true. Ophelia would not do it. She was such a beautiful soul. Why would she orchestrate all that? He was happy that it was finally brought to light that he was innocent. He also knew that his sister was in surgery. He hoped that she would hang on in and not die.

His lawyer walked in and told him that he was free. Mr. Mbalo had dropped the charges against him but instead wanted to settle the matter with Ophelia on an out of court agreement. He was worried that Ophelia would be abducted once she was out of hospital. He had to do something fast about it. Would the state agree to Mr. Mbalo’s out of court arrangement?

Artemina left the surgical suite and headed to where Akala was. She felt the urge to stay by his side. She would follow him into the dark. Even if it meant escorting him to the pearly gates of heaven. She wanted to know if he was awake and alive. If his senses had returned to him.

She was shocked to see him well apart from his swollen face.

“You know we will have to stop meeting in such scenarios Akala. You had me worried.” She said as tears welled up her face.

Jenkins could tell that there was more than doctor patient type of a relationship. Artemina cried her out. She was glad to know that he was well and out of danger. She snugged up close to him. And he held her. Listened to her cry as she shuddered with each sob.

“I love you Akala.”

“I love you too doctor. Sorry that you’d have to wait for my lips to resume their normal nature so that you could get your kiss.”

“Don’t be saying such things. People die from such foolishness you know.”


This is the end of this sequel in this site. A little heaven I had created and kept you hooked almost every week. It has been a wonderful journey as this sequel has spanned for around 7 months. The remaining chapters would be compiled in a book. Want to know how it ended? 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit would be available to you soon enough. I want to thank all of you who have been with me. It would not be possible without you. Especially to Shinsky, Ted, Dre, Hummie, Audrey, Kepha, and Sidney.

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