It gets tiresome each time a conversation heads down the lamentation path where eligible bachelor’s desire for control is usually the main trigger behind the pursuit of slightly younger women. This has never been the truth. An unmarried guy in his thirties preferring a 23 year old woman is not a condemnation to his older age-mates. There has been a cold war going on. It is the yellow elephant in the room, apparently very few want to address it. The bone of contention being most women preferred older men through their twenties, and none of the male fraternity lamented about it. The query I tend to peg is, why can’t men not be vocal of their preferences in peace?

When the elderly tell you to study hard, are they condemning the illiterate? Equally when eligible 30 year old men are told to aim for 25 and above, they are not condemning the older women (their age mates). There are successful illiterates, but would you normalize illiteracy?

Hence no, it cannot be predatory that which is sanctioned by the law, and was the backbone of the romance for ages. Men do not marry younger women as a revenge to their older mates who made it abundantly clear that they preferred maturity and experience. Shouldn’t the referrals still be kept in touch?

Younger lasses are less predisposed to the stoic cynicism born of failed relationships. They yield more to the man. The query to the older generation is, “are you vulnerable as you used to be in your 23s?” Men need that emotional vulnerability to protect and to love. It is during their 30s that they peak sexually. That energy is needed to be matched, from head to toe, vigor to vigor, and meat to meat. But the older women prefer lights off, Sex is a weapon to them. Sex is a reward for loyalty. And why would one have time with a woman who uses sex to leverage everything?

Better financial welfare is realized when men are in their thirties. They get the urge and need to start building with someone whose primary motivation is not competition, but community. Younger ones attend to this better.

So by all means, let men be. We are still the same immature men you branded us back then. Let everyone feed from the tree they planted. That your fruit is now bitter and tastes of sadness, but not your age mates farm to till. For the less discerning, as they are bound to be, that immature up there rests in quotes.

Because maturity is not the preserve of aged/wealthy men. A choice due to women, is due to men.

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