It was as if siyukuwa ready. It was as if they lied to me that this mapenzi thing was quite simple. They beat a lot of noise that roses were the solution. A little bit of chocolate here and there. “Baaas, bazengaaaa, hivi ndio vitu hufanyika,” that’s what they said.

But you see I fell in love. Then shit got complicated. I had to learn to adjust with my person. This was my arithmetics. Imagine getting into an exam without studying for that type of exam. See, at that time perhaps I thought I wasn’t ready. It wasn’t easy. Lots of pressures in the first cognitive months. They made me run crazy to be honest.

Now I have been with her to those Ankara shops looking for a kitenge that would fananaisha us showing love for eternity. Penzi la milele. I did away with my unruly hair and unkempt beard. It looks groomed now.

Though I haven’t understood how ankaras and kitenges make the love seem eternal and boundless. It sounds crazy. I can’t say that siyuko ready. Nope. It’s something that I have been anticipating. Napambana na hali yangu kama Saddam na ma Talibans.

But you see, I don’t mind, cause I have learned that not everything is the same. And I can’t hear about the naysayers. Won’t lend them an ear. It won’t be an easy road. That I know. But we will be just fine as time goes by. It needs all the aspects of humanity.

Perhaps I want this one plus one to become two. Or a,b = b,a

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