Just For A Moment

Previously On 88,000 Acres Of Bad Shit,……

The sky had reduced to a dark grey color and clouds had enveloped the entire sky from horizon to horizon. The so called soft wind had turned into something more strong and agile. Yet here was Akala, so peaceful and calm as his face rested on the warm, soft features of what Dr. Artemina’s bosom had to offer. He felt calm. Nope he felt that he was at peace with himself. He took in everything, savored every moment. He bathed in Artemina’s scent. Her scent was much sweeter than petrichor. It was welcoming. An enchantment. Akala caressed her back in slow rhythmic movement. He had to detach his face from her tits. He felt a sense of camaraderie for the few moments he had been with her. He let go slowly of her. He looked deeply into her eyes and cupped her cheeks in his hands then broke off the trance. For a few minutes they both were in an awkward situation.

Artemina: I think I’ll pour some more drink.

The doctor woke up from her seat and strode gracefully across the room and took out her Chardonnay, a bottle of Grey Grouse and an extra glass.

Akala: I’ll tell you something you need to know doctor.

Artemina: Artemina would do just fine Akala. The doctor sounds a bit too official.

Akala: It’s something that I couldn’t bring myself to say over the phone. Apart from I having psychological break downs, I have to tell you this. We have to see’ cause your the one I miss most. The thought and essence of being near you always brought me close to you.

Artemina: I heard that your happy Akala. For a very long time I hoped that you would pass by. I waited for long months just to see you, hear your voice, have a touch of you. I’ve always been turned on by your intelligence. I didn’t want to be seen as lose or cheap. Maybe I thought it would be selfish of me to have my own cake and eat it. To want you now, yet I knew your my patient. None of us were free back then. It would kill me if we had to follow the accursed paths that only cross each other once in a while.

Akala: We both said our goodbyes to each other after I decided to go back home. I was hopeful that you could delay the report and earn me more days.

Artemina: Wouldn’t that be expensive on your side?

Akala: No amount of money can purchase happiness.

Artemina: You have a weird way of seeing things.

Akala: It seems that I would have to throw caution off to the wind. Pour me some whiskey please. Forgive me for my earlier arrogance of passing down the offer.

Artemina: We are making a step in the right direction.

Akala: I’m never open with my feelings neither do I come to terms with most of them. Instead I was comfortable being a deunken whore monger.

Artemina: Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Akala: I thought this was just another ordinary session.

Artemina: Won’t you stay the afternoon with me? Or perhaps the night? Cause, I’m not just a pretty girl. I’m more than a doctor, a daughter and a sister. Even if it’s just for a moment. Perfect afternoon and night. No need to pretend we’re fine. I’m not fine having you seat far from me.

Akala: Things are weird enough doctor that is why I asked for a drink to help me clear my head.

Artemina: I’m I not a woman? I do not want to let go of this chance Akala. Nowhere over, we’re still not over.

Artemina moved to where Akala was. She held out her hand and Akala took it. She pulled him up making him to stand then pulled him closer to her. She held him close. She could feel every scent of him. He smelled nice. His scent wore a rich fragrance of Eden Glivenchy and Euphoria.

She then whispered into his ear, “pull me closer, I need closure. I hope this won’t be our last goodbye. Stay with me. Stay the night. Even if it is just for a moment.”

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