Igho Ja Mbololo.

Somewhere in the dusty bowels of Taita Hills when dry, you’d walk out of the main door of the living room and decide to have a view of the surrounding in your balcony. You’d see the way the red earth goes on and on yonder beneath the anthills and contours. The way the red soil would kiss the horizon on the far end. From your boma or homestead you’d see the little specks of white things dashing across the horizon on some slimy black snake. Those white things seemed to glide across that black snake. It looked like as if they benefited from moving to and fro along that massive black snake. But you see that black snake ain’t just any snake. It’s the major highway leading to a town that connects two major cities.

It is the A109 highway. The highway that passes through C105. Yes, Folks, C105 – Voi Town. Those white specks might be anything; from cars, to trucks, to buses and vans. Always busy transporting people and goods from one point to another. Voi is one important town. It’s the gateway hub that opens us to another portal – Taveta town. Taita Taveta is just not one thing you guys normally generalize about. This county constitutes of two different major tribes. The Taitans and Tavetas.

Voi town opens up the path way to Taveta. It also leads to the other side of Taita hills, where the gems of beauty are truly hidden.

But today you not having that view from your balcony because the climate is a bit semi-arid and your naked eye could see up to the borders of Voi town. Nope. Lately the weather has been kind to your kindred. It has brought about cool weather and has sprung up lush vegetation. But you see your view has always been from the south side. Today you decide to crane your head and see things from a different perspective.

It’s early. Not rather early, but really early. Its 0630 hours. You decide to expand your views and curiosity on the Northern frontier. The clouds cover most of the hill lining that kisses the sky. The hill peak you always want to have a marvelous view on and take pictures is always covered in clouds lately. Such beauty is always unrivaled whenever the peak comes out from its hiding place. You wouldn’t trade such a view with anything that traverses from the end of the world.

There are 3 luxurious houses. With one museum on the far end. Meaning at the end of any given time there won’t be less than 30 people in the vicinity. There is no buffet service. But one can carry their own food and cook for themselves, or decide to order an in house chef to cook for them. You haven’t seen any kids running around. That’s a bit of a relief for you. You don’t want disturbance.

You are in Ndarunyi village. The view is breathtaking, a local guy gives you the name Mwashigadi, an outsider (The name sits well with you). Heck you might even name your daughter (Shighadi). Across the road from where you are hosted lies the beautiful majestic Mbololo hills. It’s known for its alluring beauty coupled up with a wide range of wildlife. This would be heaven for a guy who was into animals and plant species.

In the middle of the stretch of the hill seats a majestic peak. It seats like as if it’s spreading arms for its children to come and seat and gather along. That hill peak seems to have an interesting story to tell.

The locals call it “Igho Ja Mbololo“, roughly translated as the Stone of Mbololo. The peak can be viewed as you head towards Nairobi from Voi Town. It is visible until some place called Manyani.

You noticed it the first time you were coming to Mbololo. Then it dawns to you the place was and the stone go hand in hand. There is silence as you marvel at the hill peak and wonder what stories it has got to tell. But it wouldn’t answer you back unless you conquered it. At night you don’t roam around for fear of being mistaken to be food.

Mbololo is like the Australian outback to you. But it fascinates you due to the vast array of flora and fauna. The chaps you came with didn’t pay that much to have such a beautiful place. For only 4500 per couple and 5k per person. They pay for the view, the silence, and the ambience. There are no kids to bother you with the shouting or the likes. You get to choose from the three luxurious houses you’d like to stay. The houses are named in a particular fashion; Crown, Hanifa, Eddie.

Mostly you’d just sit at the balcony from the museum pour your own drink, whichever poison you’d have carried, then listen to the wind chime across your ears as your whole being gets to serenade along the lines of mother nature.

Then you finally figured why they called their hill peak, “Igho Ja Mbololo”, it’s because people come to have a one on one conversation with their inner thoughts reflected on the stone. You feel at peace whenever you are in Mbololo.

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