Ifuen – The Fugitive.

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I’ve been on the run for months now. I have forgotten the feeling and presence of having a family around. I packed my shit one Friday morning and left. I’d left without a goodbye. I never looked back. I drove to the nearby Ibadan state. I still didn’t find my peace. I had a feeling that that woman would haunt me. For that not to happen; I had to do what I do best – RUN.

I sold my car and few of the belongings I had with me and booked a flight to Angola. I began life a fresh in a new country. I did not run because I hated my family. I had the most beautiful woman for a wife but I couldn’t stand her manipulative ways. Life hasn’t been that easy in Angola despite I being a foreigner. Finding work permit is much of an issue.

I’m at a popular bar in Luanda city. The bar serves as a restaurant, barber, barbeque outdoor grill and a carwash. I have been contemplating on the past few months since I’ve been on the run. Life has been quite fair. The main reason I ghosted out of the marriage was that I found out some few truths which were harsh and a heavy burden to bear. Imagine finding out that out of all the children you’ve sired you find out that only one is yours. I felt cheated. Cheated for a whole four decades. The only child that I sired with Francesca was Akala. I would not blame my son for his insolent ways. He’s trying to fight his way out of his mother’s manipulation tactics.

Francesca came from a rich family. I was only a shamba boy in their family. Her parents were mad at her for falling in love with some one of a low status. She was an only child. She was rebellious. I thought I found genuine love. She was always at loggerheads with her old folks.

My name is Ifuen Kudzu, the father to Akala Kudzu and father to the other bastard daughters my wife sired with other men. It’s not their fault. I’d still let them know that I’m their loving father and that I’d always care of them. Apart from the manipulative ways, I came to discover from her personal that none of my daughters were mine. I proceeded to do paternity tests on them and none returned a positive answer. I felt broken. She denied it and booked me in at the mental facility for a month. By the time I left the mental facility they treated me like I was an insane person.

I have no regrets running away from my past life. I found peace in these strange lands. With less yellings and arguments every day , I feel I can retire in peace. I left at a time when my son was unstable mentally. At least that is what I felt. Maybe some day I’ll have to explain things to him when the time is alright. They’re alot of things I’ll need to sit down and talk to him on a man to man basis. I’m ready at whatever answer he’d throw to me for my bad parenting. Because at that time I was a good man who made bad choices. Over and over again. I kept others needs and desires before my own. They’d call me selfish for now, but that is least of my concerns. That man does not hold me captive any more. I can look back at him in the eye and tell him that this was the game changing move I made.

I’m free from him. That man who was me in my past. For this there’s alot of strength needed to confront my past when it comes to talking to my son. And for this sole reason I’ll keep my reasons to my self and chill at the far end corner of the bar I’m in and observe from a far of how things go on about on their sides.

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