If There Was Floods,


I was distracted and in traffic when I heard that there were heavy rains throughout the country. To be honest I never really felt it when it happened across the various parts of the country. But it got me thinking to some sort. A lot of queries actually, “were you out having a pint? Were you in your bedroom singing your favorite jam? Or were you in the living room chilling watching an episode of The Kardashians?” Truth is that we have been a year apart now since we last saw each other. Since we last stopped talking. I think I have figured out how to let you go. How to let you go and let communication die out naturally and in peace.

I know, you know, we both know, we weren’t meant to be Bonnie and Clyde forever. But it is fine, I came to peace with the facts and terms. I know, you know, we know, we were not meant for each other. Forever happily ever after was never meant to be our potion and it is fine with me.

But I have a question for you love. If the floods were to happen in my home town, you would come over and check on me? Isn’t that right? Would you check if I’m still alive or you’d have to go through the statistics from those guys who passed on from a landslide? If not, would you come and stay overnight helping me salvage whatever of what would be floating above the waters? Would all our fears be irrelevant as we cared little about being electrocuted? Would you love me for the hell of it? Switching towns so that you can make sure that I’m okay. If the sky was heavy, grey and then it begins to rain again, but I’d still hold you. Is there any damn reason for us to say goodbye? If it was raining and flooding, you’d still come over right?


I have played your reaction in my head a thousand times. Your reaction still rings bells deep in me. It did not scare me when the floods happened. It was calculated. You could hear the sounds of rushing water coming with great force. Sweeping everything in its way. It was ferocious to the very least. Trees, bicycles, small cars, and crops were swept off. But it really got me thinking love, about that night we went drinking in some dingy pub. We ended up drunk and crawled our way back to your house. We stumbled a lot in the house and, to be honest we did not make it past the kitchen. Truth it has been a year now, and I think I have figured out how. How to think about you without ripping my already fragile heart out of its ribcage.

You know, I know, we both know, none of us was meant to be Jay and Beyoncé forever. Though it is fine, I’m at peace with that. We know, I know, you know, we were not meant to be. Forever happily ever after was just a scam.

Let’s be honest love, if there was a flood alert happening in my town, would you come over right? Would you come over and stay the night with me when I will be scared of everything? Would you love me for the sake of it? We all have got fears, will they be irrelevant in the face of what will be facing? Especially when the lights will be flickering?

If the rains are to fall, will you still hold me tight? Will there be any reason for us to say goodbye anymore?

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