I Have No Title For This – Honestly.

It is a Saturday. The sky is partly cloudy and the sun is high in the sky smiling. The scene has been set and the birds are already out wilding in a frenzy of songs. The day normally starts with the struggles of getting out of bed. I press the power button of my phone and the screen lights up. It is barely 0900 hrs. It feels good waking up without a hang down. I close my eyes and think of her. She sleeps soundly in the parking lot, like a lover who is not in a rush. I think of sleeping in some more but I’m already tired of sleeping. I scroll through my phone and look out or notifications from the various social media platforms I’m in. Why do we have to be slaves of these notifications which demand our attention every time now and then? A message notification pops and it is from suffering com kosokoso.

I swing my feet out of bed, stretch a little bit, let out a yawn and remove the blinds from the window and let the light in to my room. A new day hath come. I brush my teeth, jump in the shower and let the cold water hit my back for a while taking in the soothing calmness the cold water has to offer. Winter has not yet arrived in some parts of the country. I go into my wardrobe and choose something easy to put on. Probably some shorts, t-shirt and some loafers. I’d join the rest for breakfast. The baby is already up having his breakfast and mumbling abujubuju, he smiles revealing his two lower milky teeth. His smile radiates warmth around us. I check my phone again and for the umpteenth time I’m reminded on the dress code of the event I’m supposed to attend today. The color code goes along the lines of magenta (again remind me which color is this), black and pearl white (shouldn’t white be just white)?

Pardon my ignorance when it comes to colors, but we men are color blind. You can tell someone o show up with orange and they would come up with a whole different color. We stick to the basic 7 colors of the rainbows. Did I color coordinate? For the white and black. The other color I have no idea to which variant it was derived from. Perhaps I should change into a white checkered shirt and some black pants with some shoes? It is a nerd event that I’m going to attend and most nerds dress depending on the mood. I will stick with the shorts and white tee and a pair of Ray-bans.

As I step out of the house looking fresh and clean maybe today might be my lucky day. Perhaps I’d meet someone who would hold an intellectual conversation and the conversation would take a natural course of events. I would not feel weird when I begin to talk about latency of networks, quantum theories, cars, holographic image processing and the likes. I take a look at my watch and I notice the hour hand kissing 1000 hrs and by now questioning myself, “isn’t the sun beautiful?” I can’t linger on about the sun’s warmth because I know I will be late, and I hate getting late for many myriad reasons.

I get to Thika because I have not been there for years. I wonder where all the new buildings, eateries and joints mushed up from. I don’t know where the Billionaires club is, but I’m not that much worried because one of my home boys is behind the Nerd & Geeks event and because he is a good guy, he pinged me the location. Google maps just made everything easy.  When I got to the entrance, this burly man who seemed to guard the entrance asks me where I’m headed to. There is a myriad of activities going on in and out. I tell him I’m for the Nerd and Geeks thingy. He lets me gain entrance and I leave him wondering what thingy is. I just wanted to use the word thingy. I hope he doesn’t look at the menu for ‘thingy’ later when he is on his lunch break.

I walk to a building that resembles some modern age architecture. It has very many conspicuous rivaling colors that mash up into a beautiful art of splash colors. Expensive art and modern paintings hung on the wall.  The magnificence in this building would make one feel so small on the outside yet great on the inside. And on the inside your the giant and the building is the dwarf.

I stride leisurely into the portico and to the right there is a bar with medium raised chairs and I look at it and wonder if I should have a gin, tonic or whiskey on the rocks. I take a look at my watch and it is 1130 hrs. After all on the other side of the globe it would 2330 hrs. I take the left way and decide not to get buzzed. Would not it be improper to meet someone with whom you are hoping to have an intellectual conversation while your breathe is liquor fouled? I meet Jamilla smiling like as if she produced the first image of the black hole. (Pun intended).

“How is the writing and networking gigs?” She asks.

“Good good,” I say as I initiate small talk to calm the awkwardness between us. She leads me to the ballroom where I meet her daughter and niece who gave me a gift bag with her book, a USB drive, a polo shirt with some logo. The whole time my mind wanders and tries to think where my homeboy is. Maybe he is busy with things behind the backstage. There is nice music playing from the inside. Not loud enough to turn it in to a night party and have he daughters of Eve twerking, but softly enough to network and have time to see the items showcased by various developers and designers. With a glass of some non alcoholic beverage in hand and samosa in the other and move within the crowd, looking at the new technological advancements as people get their merchandise signed by their favorite people.

I pick up some interesting software and a few couple of simulation games and a VR head gear. As I wait in line to check out, I pull out of the line and decide to check out a little more. See if I can learn something new and interesting. I let someone else go ahead of me along in the line. I realize that my networking and socialization skills are not going anywhere. I give away the glass to a waiter who was passing nearby. She looked cute. Her face had dimples.

I go to the section where they talk about some algorithm that brings the best effect and senses when gaming or watching a movie, and then I see her. She is in a blue denim jeans and some white crop top and magenta flat soled shoes. Her scent was quite the welcoming type. You’d need consent to invade her space. She had cat like spectacles which made her look gorgeous.

She turned around and looked at me then she motioned me to join her. There was a trailer of some popular game and people were arguing on the different sequences of AI’s used.

“Do you think the minimax algorithm was vital to the whole story line of the game or it should have only been used when a user or player was making their moves?” She asked.

“The minimax algorithm is only efficient in this case when players are making their moves and that is useful when it comes to chess and Sudoku. Though it would be better if there was some AI featured in movement, planning and interaction. There’s still room for development when it comes to the later releases or upgrades.” I said.

“I’m Emma, pleasure to meet you.” She said as she stretched out her hand to greet mine.


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