I wanted to be alone. Alone with you, I wonder if it makes sense to you. I have been longing to hijack your soul on its way to purgatory. Perhaps I’d hide it in my treasure chest. When it comes to you, I don’t know what to do with the hickies that you left on my neck.

Your nail marks and scratches are still visible on my back. It feels so true as you held tight on to me. And you locked me between your legs not wanting to let go as your nails dug deep within my back with every thrust I gave. It feels so right every time I’m deep within you. It just feels the right thing to do with you.

You let me crawl inside your veins. You built a wall around us having that ball and chain in hand. All you want is to hold us, it wouldn’t matter if it was a hostile situation to you. The gold on my fingertips would find the silver on yours. Fingertips across my half assed smirk and that silver marijuana pendant on your gold plated chain would sit well on your neck.

Often your lips would find mine, and we’d kiss until no more. Plenty of times my hoodies found their way home to your house. But you realized the gold’s fake and real love hurts. But nothing hurts when you’re holding that console in hand and you think of the simulation games we played. You wished for us to be alone. You log on to the steam and epic servers and then you remember that you didn’t purchase the map DLC extension for you to continue with the virtual game reality.

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    Lit article

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    I love the writer in you….i felt t.

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