Hope, Skip, Step and Jump.

To the unknown,

One day when you are twenty three, it will get hot during summer nights. It will be humid in nature and the air would have a saline tinge in it. There would be no breeze blowing across. The overhead bankers would be useless as they would try to cool the simmering heat. I wish there’s a way to prepare you for the incoming loss. But unfortunately you’d be approaching your third decade. It’d take a while for you to come to terms with it.

At seventeen you’ll meet a girl, well what’s a good story without a girl in it? She’ll be pretty. Her beauty would go unrivalled. She’d speak the Queen’s language in such a manner that would suggest she came from a group of schools. She will not be the normal ordinary girl you’re used to hanging around. You will fall head over heels for her. Your world will revolve around hers. You will be young and foolish. You will write poems, listen to silly love songs and build castles in the air about your future. In those dreams you’d even begin a family with her and already have kids with pretty names like Tamara, Natalie and Kyle. You’ll be naive. You’d still believe every soul has some goodness in it.

She will usher you into a new world. A world where your innocence is robbed by the forthcoming pleasures that would come deep beyond her thighs. She’ll break your virginity. Your young mind would wonder why didn’t you discover this much earlier. You’d yearn for more. Then she’ll break your heart. It would be a pain you’ve never experienced before. It will leave you seething with anger why she’d leave you for somebody else. You’d feel depressed, listen to depressing songs and wonder how it all came crashing through.

Your results would be out. They surprised you. For a moment you forgot about her and focused on you. Everyone was super proud. You proved them wrong. A scholarship came through and you travelled abroad.

At twenty one you’d have your fair shair of broken dreams, broken love, myriads of women, abandoned houses and learn how to drown your pain in a glass of liquor. You will kiss beer bottles passionately while skirting around with the shots of Johnnie Green. You will play hide and seek with your happiness. You’d be torn apart when you’d be told to choose your field of specialization. You liked all fields that were presented to you.

At twenty two, you’ll be done with school, graduate and go back home. You’d get a job in a different field. You’d toil through it for a couple of years and decide to quit. You’d be happy about it.

You’d try a new path. You’d stumble in to something you never thought you had the nerves for it. When you’d begin your self searching ways you’d be disappointed at first. You’d wish that you’d die but you won’t die. You’d write incomplete verses and stanzas. One day you’ll look at them and smile. You’d pick them up and go to a studio. You’d smile when you’re in the recording booth and you’d take a deep breathe in and exhale. Then you’d sing.

At twenty seven, in the recording booth as you sing your first song you realise that you’ve allowed yourself to feel the pain and embraced it. It’s the only way to heal and find redemption. You realise that man was not created to be an island. We’re all connected in a way to the universe.

You will meet a person when you’d be doing your recordings whom will yearn for you as you yearn for them. You will have an intellectual understanding between you two. Your voice would draw her close to you. And you will fall in love again. And together you’d teach yourselves to stay in love.

At that moment your album would break through and hit the billboards. It would become one of the most sort after. Music healed you.

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