Hope Found In An Oak Tree.


You would have walked through the fire just to have a taste of his lips. Those lips which always drove you crazy whenever it crossed your mind. The mere thought of his lips brushing against yours brought trembles to your entire body.

You wonder if he still thinks about it. About what he did to you. You pace around your living room. Anxious, and restless with your whiskey in hand. You heard that he was getting married. You drift back to the days when you used to frequent his man cave. You saw bliss at the end of your road. Your dreams came with “they lived happily ever after” ending each morning you woke up next to him. You did all things which would make you worthy to him. Cooked for him? Yes you did. Washed and ironed his laundry for him? Yes. You performed all the wifely duties for him. You believed that your man’s image should never look bad.

You still see his old apartment each time you go home. It feels like a bad trip to you. You wish that you would forget all the places that you had ever been with him. He gave you a taste of the finer things in life in which you could never imagine. Your dreams were big. He made them bigger.

He supported you in every way. He was not scared of your success each time you made a step higher in the corporate world. He was proud of you. You would beam with pride each time he introduced you to his peers, colleagues and members of his family.

You sip your whiskey, and think of how hard and heavy his goodbyes hit you on that Monday morning. He said he was leaving you for someone else. He wanted something better.

It was the first time a boy made you cry. Each sob would shutter your poor heart. You discovered that both of you were sleeping in a bed full of lies. And now that you are older, you could see why all this happened.

The sound of your door bell brings you back from your reverie. You go and open it. A mail man stands by the door and hands you an envelope. He says that it was for you. You give your thanks and lock the door.

You slump down on your favorite couch and tear the envelope open. You wonder who would send you a mail by post and have it delivered to you personally. Did that person not have an email? What stares back at you is a wedding card invitation. It is beautifully crafted. You figure that the color schemes of the wedding would be fuchsia and pearl white. You think they are a perfect duo.

You are surprised to find out that you are invited to his wedding. Things are quite hazy for some few minutes. Maybe you think that it is the whiskey messing with your head. You feel high cause for a while you had been low. Low to the points where you thought that he owes you some time to explain things to you.

The breakup stunted your growth, he was the cause of your stunted growth emotionally. Each relationship after him did not just feel the same. Comparisons were often made by none other than you.

You stalked him on his social media pages just to check on whom he left you for. But all was in vain. And the more you searched, the more you realized that you wanted him back because you could not have him.

With the wedding card in hand, you smile and it hits you that it was not love. It was just hope found in an oak tree.

You were another bender in his world. You reminiscence the earlier post break up days and thought you would get it back. When he would change his mind and come back home to you. But he never came. It was always hard to treat the pain your soul endured.

What came back was a wedding card invitation. And all the magic you both felt was just a hit. Now that you know, it was not love. It was just hope found in an oak tree.

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