I waved to a woman because I thought she waved at me. Apparently she waved to another man. To get out of that awkward situation, I kept my hand up and a taxi pulled over. The driver asked me where I was headed to and I told him, “to the airport.”  I am now in Prague starting a new life.

Ease, hold on, steady,…….

The woman in this context is in reference to my writing. For the past few days I have tried to make a conversation with her but nothing came up. It is like as if every morning I wake up on the wrong side of her moods. She is still pretty mad that I did not oblige to her wants. So she decided to take a vacation. Sigh, life is pretty mysterious at times. I’d open my laptop and try to make a story, characters, civilizations come to life and give them purpose. Instead a blank word page from my screen stares at me. It sucks when the natural zeal doesn’t come. It is like one of those days where the sky is covered by dull grey clouds or when one anticipates the rain for long and the sky above decides not to shade a tear. And the last thing I want today is to think.

So today I’ll write about henna. Maybe I’d take her for a henna tattoo. Yes the one ingredient that women use it to draw beautiful decorative patterns especially in the coastal cultures. The patterns vary from design to size. I’m always amazed by the patterns and skills. Most women don the art when they are attending a wedding or a social ceremony. Henna is loyal to the skin and nails. It stays with you and grows with your nails. It is not harmful, neither does it pose any natural threat to our bodies. It is a natural dye rather. Though most people use the word henna tattoo as a marketing gimmick.

It is not only women who use it. A while back in the streets of Umoja, I met a young guy who did temporary tattoos using stencil and henna. The tattoo would stay with you for a period of three weeks to a month. His work was good and satisfactory. Henna takes care of you and your nails and skin. Makes it beautiful and attractive. Henna is like an obsessive partner. Usually they have a strong deep color for about two weeks and then fades from there. It also depends with where one is putting it, how often their skins exfoliates, and how often you wash it.

Henna is like an accessory. It has been used by women from North, Eastern Africa and the Middle East for thousands of years. Henna comes in two variants; White and black henna. My woman likes henna art and tattoos. I always see the way she marvels at them and how she peruses from page to page hovering around the ink arts.

I would like to see how lovely she looks in henna art. I’d like to see the look on her face as she keeps admiring her hands, chest and feet. She knows about my obsession with tattoos yet I have never gotten one. One fine day when I’ll snap out of the fantasy land and come back home to her when she is done with her fussing; I’ll take her to that henna tattoo parlor and let her have whatever she likes.

Man it is hard to understand her whenever she throws a tantrum or a fuss. Maybe henna will breach this stalemate.


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