Heartbreak Hotel Crusade

At times I do not tend to be unintentional, I just do not want it as bad as she does. It was intentional. It is her romantic verneers that betrayed her. We were not there in the first place. You cannot ghost a phantom. Tough life it is, but one has to deal with it.

I have never understood why the other gender speaks of ghosting men as a punishment. If one did not care enough to trigger you into ghosting, then one will not start caring because you left. You gracefully take the loss and move on. Men get rejected all the time but you would not see us starting a heartbreak hotel crusade.

“Vamoos and ghost men who are inadvertent, sister.” You are supposed to specter uncertainty. It has never been a milestone. How one would need extra curricular classes to understand this still beats me. I have been rejected by so many women that I became indifferent to the game.

Through the ghosting I have met more beautiful, caring, and nurturing women. They would argue that they ghost pesky men so that they would walk away and find peace. Though, isn’t pesky the attention they enjoy but act like they do not? Doesn’t one think ghosting is where they keep him at bay yet enjoy the attention they are being showered? Is it not selfish? If the attention from the guy you not interested in is annoying, why don’t you be upfront about it? Both genders ghost each other.

But if you practice detachment you will not care about such. I still wonder how we get blamed for being emotional and unavailable and how everything magically is our fault.

After all we all major key players in the Heartbreak Hotel Crusade.

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