Hatchling of Chaos.


Previously on 88,000 Acres of Bad Shit,..….Citadel-of-Madness

It was an hour shy before the clock struck midnight. Nneka was happy, tonight was the night that she’d give herself to another man. It was the night that she’d finally throw caution away to the wind. She was curious. She wanted to know if her new man had the bedroom prowess as he claimed. She wanted to taste the waters.

It was raining heavily, but that didn’t deter them at all. They found themselves in a traffic gridlock as they tried to maneuver their way around. Nneka held his hand tightly and smiled to him. He looked at her eyes deeply and kissed her pretty lips. Then he told her that he loved her and he wanted her for his own self. She was very pleased from the words she heard coming from the man of her dreams.

Initially she never thought of the divorce prospective. Whenever Akala would bring it up, she would refuse to sign the papers. She thought of a life of fun without her husband. Truly this young gentleman had made her feel loved. Smooth jazz music was playing in the background from the car’s stereo. The rain created a beautiful effect as it splattered across the windshield. The cars were close to each other bumper to bumper. After all it was on a Friday. They still had the whole night.

Only the okada guys were able to maneuver through such. It was business for them. They made a kill from the rain since everyone wanted to reach their destinations quickly. Nneka and her guy were going to the club to have a good time and later end up at his place.

As the traffic lights turned green two guys in a motorcycle overtook them and made an abrupt stop forcing them to stop. Nneka’s guy honked for them to move and stop their buffoonery. One of the men climbed down from the motorcycle jumped and went to their car. He removed a semi automatic machine gun and fired at the car multiple times. He went over to the drivers side and broke the window and shot him twice. One bullet went through this head while the other went through his neck.

Nneka screamed loudly. She was in pain. One of the bullets had gone through her thigh. The guy shot her thrice. Two times on the chest and one bullet pierced her shoulder. The world around her was spinning at an alarming rate. Images were becoming hazy.

“Today is the day I truly die.” Nneka thought. Her consciousness went blank. Blood was splashed everywhere covering the seats, dashboards and the front part of the car. The windscreen had multiple bullet holes. The guys on the motorcycle drove off fast and disappeared in to the night. The crowd that had dispersed began gathering.

“Call an ambulance.” Someone was heard screaming.

“Someone call the bloody useless officers.” Someone else shouted.

No one was willing to record a statement on what happened. No one wanted to be a witness.

Ophelia had dozed off when she heard her phone beep. It was a message from an unknown number. It read, “open the tv and watch the local news. Our work is done.”
She quickly took the remote and flipped to the local news channel. She laughed out loudly. She did a jig dance as she she saw the headlines. “BREAKING NEWS -THE PURGE.”

“A shoot down has happened less than half an hour ago when two unidentified men in a motorcycle shot at two occupants in a car. The deceased is identified as Mr.Ahmadi Mbalo who is the son of Mr. Mbalo Mohd who is the owner of Mbalo Steel Group of Companies. Little is known about the Late Mr. Ahmadi. The other occupant is Mrs. Nneka Kudzu. She has sustained multiple gunshots wounds and has currently been rushed to the hospital. She is in a critical condition. Questions arise as to who did this, and why? My names are Izioma Ifuke reporting from Igbo Television Network.” The pretty female news reporter concluded her piece.

Ophelia through the remote to the wall in a fit of rage. The poor remote couldn’t survive such a bungee jump. It crashed and broke into pieces. Her plan did not go as planned. She was still safe. No one would pinpoint the killing towards her. She was in trouble.

She had to think clear and find out how she would come out of that situation unscathed .

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