So often we push away the people who would give us the world and keep close those who really dont care much about us and who do their best to avoid us. Everybody has their demons. Some are wide awake whereas some are sleeping, waiting for the right time to be awakened.

Oh, I haven’t properly introduced myself. My name is Grimmjow Jaeger, an overgrown obese guy whose love for FIFA and other gaming goes beyond the confines of our galaxy. I really don’t have friends, apart from maybe my gaming pals. I met most of them through online gaming and to be very honest with you I appreciate them because they’ve helped me in various ways such as in making sound decisions when it comes to purchasing gaming rigs, advice on the best car parts and other tech savvy bits.

My housemate Aegylis would often come home stressed.Well it was his fault that he was always stressed anyway. Chasing off some young thing that never paid attention to him, and treated him like he was a minting company. Life had been good till Aegylis met her. He recently began dating and most of the nights he would doze off with a heartache, one glass of whiskey in hand and phone in another. Every evening, whenever he’d come home from work, he would call her and there would be no response from the other end. The scene would replay itself over and over. In frustration he would walk to the kitchen, pour himself some whiskey then come back to the living room to try his luck again. A sigh of frustration often escaped him. After many trials, he would eventually give up, take his glass and flash down the remaining content. Once in a while he would rush and throw up. Such a lightweight he was.

His phone would only ring back if it was his Marketing Manager calling to fill him in about the following day’s objectives. Once in a while he would try and smoke some of my cigarettes if the frustration was too much to bear. The results remained the same, he would end up with mouthfuls of coughs and chokes. Not my fault that he was a novice. It never crossed Aegylis’s mind that he was the one who put the most effort in whatever they had. He was the one who would call for dates, meet ups, and other things that couples do when they’re dating. She never initiated anything. It was as if the guy was in a handsome situationship with his infatuation. I think it was infatuation what he had.

“How does he not get tired of all that chasing?” I always wondered.

I saw a war. I’ve always seen wars, heck I’ve always fought in plenty of them. Some I won, while in others I died even before I’d cover half a mile. Yes. I only fight in wars that are waged through various gaming console platforms. I foresaw a war. This wasn’t a war I could fight. It wasn’t simply in my head and heart to meddle around people’s business. I’d gladly turn and tuck tail to avoid the calamity this war would bring. A light striked from a match stick wouldn’t be able to withstand such ferocity.

The thought of Aegylis having to pull the strings to make things work often dug daggers deep into his heart. He would turn to me for some relationship advice. I always had none to offer since most of the time my face was glued to the screen with a console in hand.

“What have I not done on earth to make everything right?” “Why do beautiful girls often have to act the way they do?” Aegylis would moan with tears at the brim of his eyes.

“Done what? and how do you mean?” I would ask.

Aegylis: Sassy, at times they are too full of themselves. They feel like the world revolves around them. Most of the times they get the assumption that men should stop whatever they’re doing at the drop of a hat.

Me: The same reason people full of money always act indifferent.

Aegylis: Meaning?

Me: Options. People with such options always make half assed choices. Some would be pretty fucked up that they’d prompt our Lord to take a detour to delay his second coming.

Aegylis: And where you heading with this?

Me: The most miserable people in the world are either beautiful, swimming in money, or both.

Aegylis: That’s the main reason you find comfort in your fugly broke self?

Me: Probably. Depends with how you define ‘broke’. It can be a relative term you know.

I let out a loud sigh. I fish out a cigarette and light it up, oblivious to Aegylis gasping for fresh air like a fish out of water.

“Have you ever asked yourself why you’re with her? Is it because you want her? Or is it because she is pretty? Perhaps you want to bed her soon and have my sorry ass exiled off for a day or two?” I ask.

Aegylis: No. Dude, I wouldn’t do that. She is pretty. And if it’s about bedding her, I wouldn’t bring her to this man cave.

Me: What’s wrong about the man cave? You know women tend to sleep with lesser men everyday. It happens all around the world.

Aegylis: And since when do you know about such facts since you waste your days in front of the screen always with a console in hand?

Me: I know because I choose to not be ignorant of matters that affect all of us in this world. And FYI I get paid when gaming, game testing for bugs and the likes, so don’t talk about me spending my days gaming as if it’s a bad thing. It is not.

Aegylis: Okay. I hear you. Anyway back to the topic, I’m thinking that for you to be someone in this town you have to have a pretty thing on your arm.

Me: Don’t you view it as a problem?

He fell silent. It’s like his mind switched and veered off down to no man knows where. His food had grown cold. He was used to cold food anyway. He picked up his phone and called her again. She didn’t pick as was the norm.

“Why don’t you take a different approach Aegylis?” I asked him.

“How?” He asked.

“Give her a cold shoulder, ditch being a sissy and give her the silent treatment. Stop licking ass for heaven’s sake. Do you honestly think you are the only guy in her registry book that whispers sweet nothings and sends messages full of lovey dovey kissing emojis? “Why don’t you focus on that marketing job for a starters? Why not focus on other aspects that would make you grow in person?”

Silence again.

“As a whole being in existence take time to nurture yourself.” I told him.

That night he passed out in the living room in a curled foetal position. He had one too many glasses of whiskey. He held his phone close to his chest, it was as if he was waiting for a text message or even a call (if he was lucky) from her.
The following day Aegylis woke up rather early. I must say I was impressed for a moment. Hangover free mornings. He dressed well and called her. She picked after the tenth ring and gave directions to where they’d link up. Clearly my advice fell on a corpse. Dead mass. He was taking her for a game drive in Amboseli. He had paid for the exclusive day package.

He hired a car, drove all the way to her place and picked her up. She donned a low v-neck blue dress which had a brooch at the end of the V. Her beauty was his undoing. As he tried to focus on the details of the trip and what the package had to offer, she was busy flirting and seducing some game ranger the whole time. It stung and pained his heart. He tried distracting himself by taking pictures of various animals. He couldn’t help seeth with anger when saw from the corners of his eyes his date exchanging contacts with the game ranger. Her date was game to a man she had barely known. She was the prey, he was the hunter.

As they left and drove back home, Aegylis brought the topic up, and he got brushed off by, “I was only making a new friend.” The way her words rolled off from her mouth were like an enchanted symphony. It took time before he digested them.

One evening after he had bought her dinner at some uptown restaurant in a leafy suburb, he asked if there was any possibility they could come to our house to watch movies and just chill. She politely declined and said she was in a hurry to meet one of her relatives, cousin or sister. She wasn’t in a hurry when she was eating the white specked tuna fish with some bento rice. Aegylis took his phone and ordered an Uber for her. Homeboy got a lil peck by the cheek and a smooth patty hug. His cheeks flushed red for a moment. He felt he was floating in some different dimension.

He closed the door of the uber and saw his reflection. Dark clouds above him decided to release their wrath on him. He walked all the way to the bus stop. He got home drenched with a cold. He was annoyed, by so many things. For instance, going above and beyond for a woman who didn’t care and wasn’t afraid to show it, wasting a whole evening on her and ordering an uber for her knowing fully well it was beyond his means since he couldn’t afford to order one for himself, being rained on the entire way home among many other things.

“You look like shit,” I told him as soon as he entered the house. “Bad day?”

Aegylis: Yeah, I got rained on and it didn’t turn out like I expected.

Me: You throw away too much money at that girl as if you have some high position in a blue-tec company. Let your shoes fit you well and try being yourself. You’re a marketing agent not a managing director.

My words won that battle. Sense flowed through him for a while, a rare sight which I had long forgotten. There’s no way he could rewind all what had happened. He tends to forget who really is, and his bloody veins are made up of the same mistakes.

Who in the right mind is ready to listen to Grimmjow Jaeger, an overgrown obese guy who spends most of his time glued to the screen playing gaming consoles? None I’d guess.

As my eyes burst into colour while Aegylis dives into the dark, I tell him, “People of the city think that you’ve won the battle, but the war is far from over.”

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