We used to order different drinks in the same bars on most Sunday afternoons. We both knew about each other’s different lives but we couldn’t dare to face the damn truth. Well, those great whites had big teeth that bit us when we said that we would always be in love. Unfortunately for us, we are  not in love no more. It frightened us how we kissed and danced on the light of the floor when we knew we didn’t mean anything to each other anymore.

So, how did everything shift from bliss to haywire?

The guy residing above in  the clouds in His Holy empire decided to play tricks on me. He waited till I was in my whore prime to send her into my life. She was beautiful, had dimple cheeks, nice set of little white square teeth. Her eyes had a cerulean color. She had medium C cupped shaped breasts that revealed a beautiful detailed tattooed cleavage. Her figure rivaled Athena the Greek goddess. She was flawless and elemental. Elegance oozed out from every pore of her body. I thought of her like I thought of every other goddamned skirt I chased in the entire city. She was no exception.

I eventually decided that she was someone I wouldn’t want to lose knowing clearly I was nowhere close to being ready to settle. I couldn’t risk letting her walk cause I knew every other guy in this wretched town would want to snatch her. The gentleman in me decided to ask her out one fine day. To my suprise, she agreed. I never thought I’d have such a gem by my side. I would surely be the envy and talk of town. The boys would die knowing that I was a mile ahead of them. She asked if I liked restaurant dates, and I told her no. They were bad ideas for first dates. Common interests would be the theme for the whole date. I felt that I shouldn’t rush things with her, unlike the way I did with the other women.

We went for an outdoor date our first time. She looked gorgeous in her blue summer dress and glasses that were more of an accessory statement. There wasn’t any pressure to wear the right attire nor of saying the right things. Such logistics were thrown out of the window. Instead we talked alot, she was good at negotiations and bargains. The ice was broken naturally. I had the opportunity to tease her and make her laugh. Her laughter was rich, deep and guttural. It was melodious to the very least. We both had common interests and we found it easy to bond. She worked at a certain law firm while I worked at some advertising agency. She suggested to me new hobbies. I didn’t mind trying new stuff come to think of it.

She had a thing for board games, while I had a thing for strategy games. Life couldn’t get any better. Our second date involved lotsa chess. I obliterated her empire, she crumbled like a cookie. I wasn’t in any hurry of gobbling up my price though.

The third date wasn’t more of a date but it was memorable, she suggested that we should go for an evening walk. Preferably in a mall or garden. She chose the mall. We linked up in the evening after we were both from work. It was intimate, the way she held my hands, the way I held the back of her waist, I was careful when I was invading her space.

She asked about my intentions. I couldn’t tell her that I was in my prime with my other women with whom I didn’t have any relationship attachments to but our loins would acknowledge each other whenever chances would arise. I agreed to an exclusive relationship with her and I hoped I would try to balance my two lives praying that they would never cross.

Was I really chosen to be in this new beginning?

I was juggling between the perks of being a single guy and the perks of being in a relationship with this amazing and not to mention sexy woman.

I hoped and prayed that she wouldn’t notice that I was nothing but a play boy, get tired of my shenanigans and walk out before I made the conversion. I tried to make that conversion without doing much damage to the relationship.

Most men don’t make out of the conversion without making a mess of everything.

I didn’t make it out. I came clean, there was no point of leading her on when I knew I wasn’t yet ready. Perhaps it was time that I should’ve been remembered in various prayers, for I was the victim. The guy above knew it was time to slow down. Time to have a new beginning and stop all the buffoonery I was doing.

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