Good Old Days.


Photo Credits: H.Naruto.

“Yes, let’s do it again but next time we do it full psycho”, I said.

They laughed loudly. It was a rich hearty one. I’d just wanted to drink tequila with my friends. It had been about three years since we last met. Everyone says, “lets, do it again. Next time we’ll arrange and get together”. We know it would be a while till we meet again. A popular lie said by people who used to be friends. But well, distance and other life related issues pulled them far from each other and threw them into the furthest corners of the globe. Life will do that. At times a little lie doesn’t hurt.

In a way it brought us together. The best plots are those that happen randomly. We used to do cheap whiskeys and vodkas when we didn’t have a dime when we were in campus. Our livers would be hammered silly. We would lay the cheapest girls. Some which you wouldn’t even dare walk with them in broad day light. At times the game would be taken a little notch higher and the girl of your dreams would let you in to smash her once or twice. Your hommies would be blowing your DMs eager to know how it went down. When the times were hard with no money and no relationship in sight; a call girl would come in handy. Don’t point fingers. We were simply trying to make our sisters of the dark earn an extra coin. It takes two tango, isn’t it? The more one became needier, the more offence they took and ended up in self loathing.

Perfection we soon discovered was an illusion. The perfect grades, get a good job, settle down and marry a good woman. We discovered that it was a far fetched pipe dream. Being placed in a public university that regularly striked was no easy task. Especially with a course that involved alot of programming and accounting didn’t help matters either. Appeasing ancestors, offering them libations of all manner of concotions was a waste of time.

Mornings were the worst. A dark side they had. Hangovers would make one feel that they’d pass on to the next life. Reminiscing about our campus days, we did. Catch up on what was happening or rather what had happened since graduation, we also did. Three bottles of Tequila Rose down, yes now we could afford it cause we working. Everyone had their fair share of women. What’s a story if women are not involved?

It was time to go. I step out and head to my car. I take a while before turning the ignition on. Deep in thoughts. It has been two years since I last quit smoking. They were quiete surprised when I politely declined the cancer sticks. Alot had changed then. I had an unopened packet that I kept in my glove compartment as a reminder. A reminder of the past and dreams which faded away like smoke swirling from a cigarette. I was really happy when Aquinos finally said with much gusto, “I’m going to be a father”. atlast he settled down and stopped being a man whore. Dylan finally moved out of his parents house. He has been bragging about it ever since. It is good atleast we can crash somewhere whenever we just want to be boys.

I had forgotten about Marylin. The only girl in our boy crew. Nothing is girly about her. She is pretty and beautiful. Somone finally proposed to her. We’ll be attending her wedding in three months time. The timbers got replaced with heels, hoodies were swiped for something more feminine. When she showed up, we got awed by her silhouette. Her curvy figure, something about her legs. Fine. Fine. I won’t describe from there.

Dylan: You guy. Drive safe. Dont speed. We won’t come bail you out.

Aquinos: Say hi to the photography lady.

Marylin: Jermaine, introduce us to your woman next time we have a rendezvous.

Me: There’s no woman in sight yet Marylin. I have to also break up with whiskey. Aquinos, don’t name your kid after any of us. You’ll get huge disappointments. Dylan, it all matters with your handling and driving skills. Heck I know you motherfuckers won’t come. Next time. Sayonara.

I switch the car on and rev it hard. And head out into the open road. Dylan’s house was fast fading from the distance in my rear view mirror. I switched gears and shifted quickly as the car picked up speed as I accelerated and disappeared from their view.

It was nice meeting you. I want to drink tequila with my friends. I sort of want these turmoils within me to end. I had been driving fast and running away from my problems for too long. Today I came face to face with all the voices in my head. I can check the time on my dashboard without facing any regret. I’m just trying to stay normal.

Perhaps next time when we meet and drink tequila again. Then I’ll tell you my story.

I wish somebody woulda told me babe
that someday these would be the good old days

All the love you wont forget
and all these reckless nights you won’t regret,

Cause someday soon your whole life’s
gonna change,

You’ll miss the magic of these good old days.

Good old days by Macklemore feat Kesha plays through my stereo. Such nostalgia.
An open road with minimal traffic as I hit the 180kph mark. Quite reckless right?

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