Going Under

12th December 2022.

Athi River; Mombasa – Nairobi Highway.


It shouldn’t have happened. But it happened, I lay there in a pool of blood. My body trapped in a mangle of wreckage. My vision became distorted. It was abit hazy, everything in front of me seemed dark and cloudy. Their voices seemed like a jammed signal.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,……….


11th December 2022.

Equinox, Thika.


Ball so hard that ninjaz won’t find me.

The club was up and down in a frenzy. All men and women were  out there wilding. Damn. Such fun. It was my infinite date night with Kuchiki. He had finally let me meet his friends, something he had been avoiding me for quite a long time. The night had been rolling on well, we had some barbeque steak and some ugali. Kuchiki was the better half I had wanted for a long time. Now that I had him and we were back together after an awful long separation, things seemed to shine along my path. The drinks were flowing well, but something seemed wrong with Kuchiki. He wasn’t himself today. He was abit agitated. It was like he was  spoiling for a brawl. Well, he loved having bar brawls. The odds never favoured him most of the times. Tonight seemed like he was on top of his game.

30 minutes later.

We’re thrown out of the club due to Kuchiki’s rowdy behavior.

Kuchiki: It’s damn cold. Can you stop whining for heaven’s sake Rukia.

Rukia: It’s your bloody fault that we got thrown out of the club. Do you even remember where you parked the car?

Kuchiki: You want to drive me home this early?

Rukia: Yes I will, till your sorry ass gets some reasoning and sense. You just can’t go swinging your huge body spoiling for fights like you own the place.

Kuchiki: Why don’t we go home then? Make it a peaceful ride without your endless nagging. I’d appreciate that.


Thika Road

The drive back home,

In their heads,…….


Why is she yapping about things that happened in the past? Didn’t I apologize for them? I hate how she incorporates the past back to the present just like a freaking messiah. What is wrong with her?


I don’t understand why he has to disrespect me infront of his friends. I hate him. It’s not the first time he has done this to me. I should have left.

Kuchiki: I shouldn’t have gotten back together with her. I shouldn’t have had sex with her. I knew it’d bring complications. I was okay and alive when I didn’t have to look over my shoulders or expect a call from some woman that constantly needed money from me. Lord you said we should only give you 10% of our incomes. But this woman you blessed me with wants a whole 90%. Is there any way that perhaps she is your relative? I’m tired Abba father. Even her parents don’t have to endure such suffering from such a prodigal child. How do I get myself out from this mess?


Why are you so insecure? Yes we had issues before everyone left their ways. Did things I’m not proud of. But I said I was sorry. You’ve been treating me like as if I’m certain farmtool. I’m a human being. I can see the change in your eyes and heart.


“Don’t go over the speed limit Rukia,” I told her. We had been arguing for an hour or so. We had said some not so good words to each other. After a moment of silence I looked at her and saw that she had a devilish grin. My heart and soul didn’t sit well with each other after realising  she had gone well over the 130kph speed mark. What was she really upto? I wondered.

“Kuchiki I’m so done with you. I don’t want to be your emotional, economical and sexual bin where you can just come by and deposit your frustrations. I have wanted a family with you. I have put up with all your bullshit and shenanigans. But for what?” She said angrily.

Her eyes were red, puffy and she had dark bags under her eyes. We argued and I called her a harlot. Told her it ran down in her family.


Athi River; Mombasa – Nairobi Highway.

Rukia accelerated and shifted more and more. The engine revved like a maniac. The car seemed it could live through various eons of turbo’d orgasms.

We’ve had like fifteen near misses. It didn’t seem to deter her at all. Then when I thought I was delivered from all evil. She drove straight into the rear of a bus.


It’s cold. The clouds are heavy with rain. People decided to take videos before they helped us. Such atrocities. The headlines by 10a.m would remind us that we were in another long list of accident statistics. I clutch myself not knowing whether I’d live to see another day. I couldn’t get out of the wreckage.

Someone please help me.


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