I was just coasting till we met. I saw you at the cashier’s queue in the supermarket. You reminded me of how good it could get and how it felt. The sight of you was like a fresh breath of life. I saw you standing there with your jet black hair and I really admired the way it came tumbling down, just like a waterfall.

So I thought I should let you know that  If you ever needed light I’d be the match to your candle. I’d burst into flames for you. I’d be the light that illuminates your eyes and chases away the darkness. It’s flicker and roar of the flame would remind you of how delicate our thing is. With a slight waver it might wither or grow tenfold.

Well, lately I’ve been on fire, dreaming and thinking of you. Since our last encounter at the supermarket my thoughts have been on a whirlwind around you. I think of those deep emerald green eyes. You’ll say you haven’t been dreaming of me, but it feels like you have been…How does it start and when does it end? At times I think it’s too soon. Maybe we’ve rushed things abit too fast.

Is it too soon? Looking like that, we’ll have to open our wounds and let go of the past and embrace new paths. We charter a whole different path of our lives. It feels okay when I’m with you. There’s nothing I can do to curb these feelings from you. I know I have been here for a moment but I know I want you.

Sometime back last week around two pm we fell asleep to escape from the simmering rays and heat of the sun. We woke up late in the evening to the sound of a storm outside. It rained heavily. Lightning streaks could be seen from afar. The winds howled at the high heavens. The thunderstorm made loud ear splitting noises. I was still determined to ride my motorcycle back home. You looked at me and said, “Baby this storm is too severe, this rain changes everything.” My heart ran away from me.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t  do to see you shine. I’d swing for the fences, I’d run to the lines. It’s high time this love was reciprocated. When you think of love, do you think of pain? You could tell me what you see and I’d choose what to believe.

Our feet are already too deep in these waters. It wasn’t our common goal to end up together. Since that storm passed, we spent lots of time together. You have given me alot of your time. I’m not sure if mine is enough. All I know is that your mess is mine. At times I’d tell you stay right there and I need space to slow the pace down. You’d get confused, then you’d move in, inching close to my skin. And my lips would move against yours which would obviously be against my better judgement cause the temptations you bring would get the best of me.

I don’t want to be cliché here for a minute cause I want to tell you that I’ve been hurt before. Being with you around makes me forget that I’m not ready for love. I didn’t want these feelings to be born and I don’t know why I harbour  them. I always feel weak when you around. Whenever we ride down the highway, then you wrap your hands around me,laying your helmeted head against my back always brings me nostalgia.

The memories are always right there next to me each time I close my eyes. Your medical books are all over my bed. Couple of times I’ve tried reading them but I end up in a whole different dimension. You’re something to behold. An electricity running through my soul. I could easily lose my mind thinking of how you used to kiss me every time and how you used to call me back to bed on  lazy Sunday mornings.

“Where did you guys meet?” They’d normally ask.

“You look so cute and lovely together.” They’d say.

We met in Georgia.

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